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Mesaba Terms

Employee terms for Mesaba Airlines

APU Auxiliary power unit.
ATC Air traffic control.
Base Airport that serves as a base of operation for dispatching Flight Attendants.
Block Time The time that begins when the blocks are removed from the wheels of the aircraft at departure and ends when the blocks are put in place after the aircraft arrives at the gate.
Cabin Crewmember Flight Attendants.
Crewmember Captain, First Officer or Flight Attendant.
Deadhead A trip in which a non working crewmember is flying in a passenger seat or an extra flight attendantjumpseat going to or returning from a flight assignment at the direction of the Company.
Domicile The city designated by the Company wher crewmembers are based.
Duty time Period of time for which a Flight Attendant is scheduled to work, beginning with check-in and ending with the termination of the trip sequence.
FAA Federal Aviation Administration, a regulatory agency.
FAR Federal Aviation Regulations; rules established by the FAA.
Ferry To reposition an aircraft, without passengers, from one location to another, usually for maintenance.
Flight Crewmember Captain, First Officers (also known as flight crew).
GPU Ground power unit.
Jet Bridge Passage way that connects aircraft to terminal.
Jumpseat Special seats assigned to Flight Attendants for takeoff and landing.
MAAS Meet and assist. Passenger who requests to be met at the aircraft and needs assistance to a connecting flight, baggage claim, etc.
Non-rev Airline industry persons traveling on reduced rate or free passes are considered non-revenue passengers.
NTSB National Transportation Safety Board, a Federal agency that investigates aircraft accidents.
Overfly When a flight does not land at a specific destination due to weather, etc.
PAX Passenger
RON Remain overnight; a layover away from domicile.
Seniority The length of service as a Flight Attendant with the Company; a priority system based on longevity.
Through PAX A passenger who is continuing on after a scheduled stop.
UM Unaccompanied minor.
WCHR Passenger requires a wheelchair for traveling distances.
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