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pharmacy practice 1

drugs 100 through hospital

Acyclovir zovirax, antiviral
alteplase, recombinant activase, blood modifer
alprostadil prostin VR, prostaglandin
amikacin amikin, aminoglycoside antibiotic
amiodarone cordarone, class 3 antiarrhythmic
amphotericin B fungizone, antifungal agent
anidulafungin eraxis, echinocandin antifungal
argatroban argatroban, thrombin inhibitor
azithromycin Zithromax, macrolide antibiotic
bumetanide bumex, loop diuretic
buprenophine buprenex, agonist-antagonist opiate analgesic
butorphnol stadol, agonist-antagonist opiate analgesic
caspofungin cancidas, echinocandin antifungal agent
chlorpromazine thorazine, phenothiazine antipsychotic agent
cimetidine Tagamet, h2 receptor antagonist
ciprofloxacin cipro, fluoroquinolone
clindamycin cleocin, lincosamide
colistimethate coly-mycin, msc antibiotic
dalteparin fragmin, low molecular weight heparin
dantrolene dantrium, skeletal muscle relaxant
daptomycin cubicin, cyclic lipopeptide antibiotic
darbepoetin alfa aranesp, blood modifier, stimulates RBC
dexamethasone sodium phosphate decadron, long acting glucocorticoid
diazepam valium, benzodiazepine
digoxin lanoxin, cardiac glycoside
diltiazem cardiazem, CCB
diphenhydramine Benadryl, antihistamine
dobutamine dobutrex, adrenergic agonist
dopamine intropin, adrenergic agonist
doxycycline hyclate vibramycin, tetracycline antibiotic
droperidol inapsine, antiemetic
drotrecogin alfa xigris, activated protein C human recomb
edetate calcium disodium EDTA, chelating agent
enalaprilat vasotec IV, IV ace inhibitor
enoxaparin lovenox, low molecular weight heparin
epinephrine adrenalin, epipen/ catecholamine sympathomimetic
epoetin alfa epogen, Procrit blood modifier
erythromycin lactobionate erythrocin, macrolide antibiotic
esmolol brevibloc , beta blocker antiarrhythmic
famotidine Pepcid, histamine 2 receptor
fentanyl sublimaze, semisynthetic opioid analgesic
filgrastim neupogen, hematopoietic growth factor
fluconazole diflucan, antifungal
fondaparinux sodium arixtra, antithrombotic agent
fosphenytoin cerebyx, anticonvulsant
furosemide Lasix, loop diuretic
ganciclovir cytovene, antiviral agent
gentamicin garamycin, aminoglycoside
granisetron kytril, antiemetic
haloperidol Haldol, antipsychotic agent
heparin sodium heparin sodium, anticoagulant
hydralazine hydralazine, hypertension
hydrocortisone sodium succinate solu-cortef, glucocorticoid anti-inflammatory
hydromorphone dilaudid, synthetic opioid analgesic
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