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ccctc test 13 assist

defenitions for test 13 assisting the pharmasist

what are the 3 names of a drug brand, generic, and chemical
who is interested in the chemical name pharmaceutical chemist
generic name non-proprietary
brand name proprietary
what is a multiple source product it has more than one manufacturer
example of multiple source products lisinopril is known as zestril and prinivil
where can the national drug code be found the NDC can be found in the red and blue books
who assigns the national drug code the federal drug administration
uniform product code (upc) bar code
mnemonic code (short entry/abbreviation) example Pb 30mg (Phenobarbital 30mg)`
expiration date based on shelf life
united states pharmacopeia (USP) contains official drug standards and is required in all licensed pharmacy settings
remington's pharmaceutical sciences reference book used to look up formulas
handbook on injectible drugs also contains the parenteral product reference materials
guide to parenteral admixtures parenteral product reference materials
facts and comparisons updated monthly and has information concerning new drugs and contains information on drug to drug interactions
american drug index provides all of the following: brand to generic, available medication dosage forms, and manufacturer name, address and phone number
dispensing containers hermetically sealed containers are impervious to air.
vials theses are in cylindrical shaped plastic containers and are available in a variety of sizes. they are typically amber in color to protect from light which may cause the contained medication to deteriorate.
ointment jars white plastic jars used to hold ointments and creams. these prevent the penetration of light which may cause the contents to deteriorate. there are no child-resistant closures.
bottles glass bottles and plastic bottles are used to dispense liquid medication and can be amber in color to protect from light
sizes of bottles 16 fl oz, 2 fl oz, 3 fl oz,
dropper bottles these are glass bottles with droppers inside the cap; are used for small doses. also used for infant drops
what are oral syringes often used for dispensing liquid medication to children and for dispensing liquid medication in respiratory devices
unit dose used to supply medicine to patients.
unit dose cups (tjdc) used for oral liquids in hospitals
dose packs these are medications packaged to improve patient compliance. ex: birth control pills and medrol dose pack
parenteral bags used to administer infusion medications. this is covered in aseptic techniques
where is the authority to prescribe determined at the state level
what else does the state determine the extent of a practitioner's prescription authority based on scope of practice
example of prescribing outside of scope of practice dentist cannot treat acne or podiatrist can not give eye care
prescribers may write Rx for legend drugs and OTC items
the cdc is responsible for infection control
the process of preventing the transmission of blood borne pathogens universal precautions
physicians md, do
podiatrist dpm
dentist dds, dmd
optometrist od
veterinarians dvm
physician assistant pa
nurse practitioner np
medical interns residents
who cannot be used to send controlled substances to patients us postal service
contents of a prescription patient information, date, name of product, strength, dosage form, quantity, sig, instructions, refills, prescriber info
medication order utilized in an institutional setting
contents of medication order patient info, date, time of day, product name, dosage form, prescriber info, sig
transmission of information in electronic form fax, modem, computer link
dispense as written daw
the orange book contains 2 letter codes assigned to drugs for therapeutic equivalence
formulary a document or listing of committee approved pharmaceuticals and therapeutics in stock
extemporaneous on the spot compounding
desication the complete or nearly complete deprivation of moisture or water
colation the process of separating a solid from a liquid by pouring the mixture on a cloth which will permit the fluid to pass through
distillation the process that involves a change of state: liquid-vapor-liquid
filtration the process of separating liquids from solids with the purpose of obtaining optically transparant liquids
levigation the process of producing a smooth dispersion of a drug with a spatula
trituration is the grinding of tablets into a fine powder in a porcelain mortar.
gelatin capsules used for extemporaneous compounding
controlled room temperature is defined as being between 15-30*C and 59-86*F
refrigeration between 2-8*C or 46-59*F
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