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Internet Detective L

They warn you to watch out ___ the information you use is coming from. where
You're not allowed to "cut and paste;its ___ unless you use proper ___ methods plagiarism/citation
Common mistakes: kids rely on Internet searches for their research and ignore other key sources
Common mistakes: they don't ___ ___ the quality of the information they find critically evaluate
Common mistakes:they copy information from the internet and don't ____ ___ ___ acknowledge their sources
___ ___ ___- Academics usually publish their research in formal publications such as journal papers and articles or reports. Academic Publishing Process
___ is what characterises academic research. Peer view
If a pub. is peer viewed it means it has been ___, ___ and ____ by peers. read/checked/authenticated
Peer reviewed articles are often collated into these, which are usually published by academic publishing houses, professional societies or university press. Scholarly Journals
___ A university library may have shelves full of journals, but nowadays many are also available in electronic form over the internet. Electronic Journals
These are not usually free-a subscription has to be paid. Library eJournals services
If you can't get access to eJournals from your library you may be able to via the publisher's web services. Some offer "pay-per-view" eJournal publishers
Increasingly academics are offering free access to their refereed journal articles by means of databases accessible via the web called institutional repositories. eprints
Most academics rely on specialist databases to access details of past research. The databases draw together details of scholarly publications from a wide range of sources including academic publishers,journals,archives and sometimes books. Bibliographic databases
A lot of information on the web can be useful for research even if it hasn't come from the traditional sources. Such as Intute, guide you to the best online resources for research. Academic web directories
The ___ ___ ___ for your university or college will be an important source of information for you, as it will quickly guide you to the key electronic journals. Library web sites
There is a danger that the information you find will be from a source that is ____, lacking ____ or ___ unreliable/inaccurate/credibility
It could have content that is ____, ____,___-___-___ invalid/inaccurate/out-of-date
Most people use very simple search techniques when they want to find information on the internet using a ___ ___ such as ____. search engine/Google
Its a common misconception that search engines search ____ everything
Be _____ not _____! skeptical/paranoid
Web sites that are fakes designed to be spoofs, parodies or jokes. Internet Hoaxes
This _____ of the web design is a clever trick to deceive you into thinking you have accessed the real site. In some cases the design is so like the original that you have to look very carefully to determine whether it is real or fake. mirroring
These are stories or rumors that have been circulated from person to person. Urban legands
Urban legends have been ____ by mistakes being made in the ____. distorted/retelling
These are more serious as they involve criminals trying to steal your identity or con you out of your cash. scams and frauds
What do each of the letters in the word SCAM represent? scheming/crafty/aggressive/malicious
Look for: is there a biographical statement that lists their job title, contact details, qualifications and publications. Author details
Look for: Details about the publisher, ____ or developer of the site. sponser
The ___ ___ section,mission statement or ___-these might help establish their history, affiliations and standpoint. About us/ Help
The ____ ___-is there a physical address which verifies claims of authorship. contact details
Look for:The _ _ _ URL
You will need to establish the content's ____, ____, _____ and _____ coverage/validity/accuracy/currency
If the material is _____, ___, _____ or ___-__-___ then its unlikely to be a lot of use for serious research. inaccurate/untrue/illogical/out-of-date
_____ and ____ statements that are unsubstantiated-use your own knowledge to question content and if it goes against what you know then look for evidence to back it up. Biased/controversial
Look for: ____ ____ to back up the arguments and assertions presented(quality research methods, resarch data and reviews of past literature in the field. Research evidence
Look for: ___ ___ especially in academic works-these should follow conventional citation practices and come form authoritative sources. Proper references
Look for:___ and ____ if you spot any of these it should be a cause for concern-an editor or reviewer should have picked these up so maybe it hasn't been properly checked and cannot be relied upon in other ways. Mistakes and inaccuracies
Look for: ___ for when it was written, published and last updated-how useful is it for your purposes? Dates
Its worth exploring: "___" ____ -by clicking on the home button you will see the front page of the site "home" button
Its worth exploring: ____ ____- "back","forward","previous" or "next"-following these can give you a sense of where you are. Navigation buttons
Its worth exploring:___ ___-give an overview of the structure of the whole site.They are useful navigation tools. site maps
Its worth exploring:____ ____ -the address,email address or phone area code can give useful clues about the location of the site contact details
What does URL stand for? uniform resource locator
What does ".ac" and ".edu" stand for? academic or educational servers
What does ".co" and ".com" stand for? commercial servers
What does ".gov" stand for? governmental servers
What does ".org" stand for? non-governmental, non-profit making organizations
What does ".au" stand for? Australia
What does ".ca" stand for? Canada
What does ".de" stand for? Germany
What does ".fr" stand for? France
What does ".uk" stand for? United Kingdom
____ ____ of the URL to learn more about the site can be very useful. deleting parts
Do so by deleting part of the __ ___ __ of the URL to see where the new, shorter URL takes you. right hand side
Created by: lincoln.ehret16
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