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Advantages and Disadvantages of Alternative Energy Sources

TermWhat and WhereAdvantagesDisadvantagesHow it works
Geothermal This energy is in the form of steam from heat and water that comes from deep inside the Earth. releases much less CO2 and other pollutants into the atmosphere and is sustainable as the water is re-injected into the Earth. It is more expensive because drilling the well is very expensive and doesn't always work. Hot water comes up from the mantle and then they use the steam to spin a generator.
Photovoltaic This energy is created by our sun when hydrogen and helium atoms are stuck together creating sunlight. The light travels to earth as radiation. This energy helps you get clean silent electricity while the sun is up. The collectors are expensive to build and to get installed and they do make pollution while being made. The sun shines on the cells which give off electrons knocked loose by the photons which make up sunlight.
Fuel Cell Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe but it is bonded to other atoms. There are no harmful pollutants and there is a great abundance of hydrogen that can be used to make fuel which can be pumped into cars like gas. This energy source is very expensive because it contains platinum to make the hydrogen break into electrons and protons. Atoms of hydrogen are broken apart into protons and electrons and the electrons are used to power a circuit.
Tidal Gravity from the moon pulls the water in the ocean. Causes no toxic pollution and it takes place in the ocean and doesn't make CO2. Generators are noisy and they do not look nice. It is expensive and experimental. Water flows through a turbine that is connected to a set of gears that spin a coil of wire inside a magnetic field.
Wave This energy comes from the wind blowing over the surface of the water. This has the potential to produce almost all our energy needs near the coast by concentrating wind power. These generators make some noise and look ugly along our coasts. Water enters the chamber and forces air out a hole in the top and it spins a turbine.
Biofuel Organic material made from plants and animal fats and contains stored energy from the sun. less pollution because they work inside the natural carbon cycle. using food crops to make fuel takes food from us and it takes energy to harvest and process the fuel. made from plant oils and from fermenting the sugar that plants produce.
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