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Unit 7: Res.Mgmt

Human Resource Management

Bonus bonus paid at the end of a specific period of time for performance that exceeds the expected standard
Career Development a program that matches the career planning of employees with the employment needs of businesses
Career Path a progression of related jobs with increasing skill requirements and responsibility
Career Plan identifies the jobs that are part of the employee's career path, the training and development needed to advance along the career path, and a tentative schedule for the plan's activities
Compensation the money or other benefits people receive for work
Cross Training employees are trained to perform more than one job in the company, even though they typically perform only one
Discharge the termination of an employee from the company due to inappropriate work behavior
Employee Benefits all forms of compensation and services the company provides to employees in addition to salaries and wages
Employee Turnover the rate at which people enter and leave employment in a business during a year
Exit Interview a formal interview with an employee who is leaving a company to determine the person's attitudes and feelings about the company's policies and procedures, management, and operations
Flextime a plan that lets employees choose their own work hours, within specified limits
Home Office space within a person's home that is organized for the efficient performance of office tasks
Human Resource Management all activities involved with acquiring, developing, and compensating the people who do the company's work
Job Description a list of basic tasks that make up a job
Job Design the kind of work and the way the work is organized
Job Enlargement making a job more interesting by adding variety to the tasks
Job Security the likelihood that employment will not be terminated
Job Sharing an employment plan that allows two people to share one full-time job
Job Specification a list of qualifications a worker needs to do a job
Layoff a temporary or permanent reduction in the number of employees resulting from a change in business conditions
Mobile Office an establishment defined by its ability to accomplish business activities in a temporary environment
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