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MEE 312 Test 4 Cards

austenite name for FCC iron
bainite Two-phase microconstituent containing ferrite and cementite.
cast iron Ferrous alloys containing sufficient carbon so that the eutectic reaction occurs during solidification.
cementite Hard, brittle intermetallic compound (Fe3C).
cross slip The change in the slip system of a dislocation.
cross linking The process where polymer chains become attached together creating a polymer that is much stronger with lower ductility.
degree of polymerization The number of monomers in a polymer; the length of a molecular chain.
endurance limit The stress below which a material will not fail in a fatigue test regardless of the number of cycles applied.
engineering strain The amount that a material deforms per unit length when pulled or pushed (l / l0).
engineering stress The applied load divided by the original cross-sectional area.
ferrite A solid solution of one or more elements in BCC iron , the BCC phase on the iron-carbide phase diagram.
GP zones Tiny clusters of atoms that form early on in the age-hardening process.
heterogeneous nucleation Formation of a critically sized solid from the liquid on an impurity surface or the surface of the mold wall.
homoegeneous nucleation Formation of a critically sized solid from the spontaneous cluster of atoms due to severe undercooling.
Hume-Rothery Rules Necessary but not sufficient conditions that an alloy system must meet in order to display unlimited solubility; includes same crystal structure, similar atomic size, same valence, similar electronegativity.
normalizing A simple heat treatment obtained by austenitizing and air-cooling to produce a pearlite microstructure in steels.
offset yield strength A yield strength obtained graphically that describes the stress that gives no more than a specified amount of plastic deformation.
pearlite A garden additive used to help impart thermal resistance in homemade bricks.
recovery A stage in the annealing process where the material is subjected to a low temperature heat treatment (below Trc) causing the dislocations to rearrange themselves into a polygonized substructure, this stage of annealing eliminates residual stresses
temper designation A shorthand notation used to describe the processing of an alloy.
wrought alloys Alloys that are shaped by a deformation process.
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