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risk management

terms and things to remember

tort civil case: purpose is to compensate the injured person
duty responsibility to provide for the safety of the guest
negligence failure to meet the standard of care (minimum acceptable conduct) either by an act of omission (what you failed to do) or commission (what you did)
foreseeability the event planner should have been able to predict or foresee the circumstances that led to the injury.
proximate cause the event planner's behaviors (actions) contributed to the injury
general supervision visual contact of all event participants. maintain alertness for dangers
specific supervision small group or individual supervision. necessary when introducing a new or potentially hazardous activity
actual notice event participation or another individual makes event organization aware of an unsafe condition
constructive notice learn of unsafe conditions as a result of safety inspections
risk management a matter of understanding those circumstances in which accidents are most likely to occur and taking appropriate steps to minimize the probability of their occurrence.
4 factors of which are the root of most preventable accidents: provide the basis for most lawsuits 1. faulty supervision 2. unsafe conduct of the event 3. unsafe environment conditions 4. judgmental errors by the event planners or the event staff
why are there so many lawsuits? 1. public awareness of legal rights 2. until recently, the willingness of insurance companies to make generous out of court settlements 3. contingency fees
Created by: jayembee123