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South Asia/ East Asi

Dense(crowded) population characteristic that East Asia, South Asia, and Europe share
- Muslims - British - Aryans They all invaded and spread their culture in the Indian subcontinent
Calcutta one of the world's busiest seaports, is located near the Ganges delta, and calls itself India's City of Joy
the Ganges River is so important in defining the character of India It provides drinking and irrigation water. People look to the river for miracles. The river is part of Indian's folklore and mythology.
Command type of economic system used by both Joseph Stalin in the USSR and Mao Zedong in China to accelerate (increase) the economic growth of their respective nations
In recent years, interior designers and architects in the United States have adopted ideas of feng shui, a traditional Chinese philosophy, to improve their designs. This is an example of — cultural convergence, because part of Chinese culture has been incorporated into American culture.
Even though Japan has few natural resources, it has a high standard of living mainly because it has — developed technology that can be exchanged for the resources it needs.
an effect (outcome) that geography has had on Japan The lack of important natural resources has led Japan to depend on trade with other nations
Beijing has developed a major problem with pollution because of increases in all of the following Industry Politics
This issue continues to raise concern from the world community regarding the nations of India, Iraq, Pakistan, and North Korea Nuclear proliferation
One way in which the Silk Road and the West African trade routes are similar is that along both routes — ideas were exchanged as merchants interacted with each other.
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