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module 21 drugs

drugs list

anticonvulsant reduce seizures
dilantin phenytoin
divalproex valproic acid
tegretol carbamazepine
antidiabetic treat disease and symptoms
insulins replace insulin not created by the pancreas
sulfonylureas increase insulin release
dymelor acetohexamide
diabinese chlorpropamide
diabeta glyburide
glucotrol glipizide
biguanides decrease glucose absorption
glucophage metformin
thiazolidinediones lowers blood glucose
generic only troglitazone
antiemetics reduce nausea
dopamine antagonists block dopamine receptors
reglan metoclopramide
compazine prochlorperazine
serotonin antagonist block serotonin receptors
kyril granisetron
generic only (serotonin) ondansetron
agents of gout treat different aspects of the disorder
colchicine prevent gout attacks
zyloprim (decrease uric acid production) allopurinol
anturane (increase uric acid excretion) sulfinpyrazone
benemid (increase uric acid excretion) probenecid
antihyperlipidemics lower cholesterol
bile acid sequestrant leads to lower ldl
questran cholestyramine
colestid colestipol
hmgco-a reductose inhibitors prevent cholesterol from being synthesized
mevacor lovastatin
pravacol pravastatin
zocor simvastatin
lipitor atorvastatin
lescol fluvastatin
crestor rosuvastatin
fibric acid derivatives elevate hdl
tricor fenofibrate
lopid gemfibrozil
miscellaneous ...
niapan (reduce cholesterol) niacin
antihypertensives lower blood pressure
beta blockers lowers cardiac output
toprol lopressor metoprolol
tenormin atenolol
betoptic betaxolol
inderal propranolol
timoptic timolol
alpha blockers lower cardiac output
cardura doxazosin
hytrin terazosin
prazosin minipress
diuretics decrease blood volume and blood pressure
thiazides increase sodium chloride excretion
diuril chlorothiazide
hctz hydrochlorothiazide
loop larger elimination response than thiazides
lasix furosemide
edecrin ethacrynic acid
potassium sparing weaker diuretic
dyazide hydrochlorothiazide triamterene
carbonic anhydrase inhibitor interfer with the carbonic anhydrase in the kidney and eye
diamox acetazolamide
trusopt dorzolamide
osmotic action is soley through osmosis
mannitol ...
glycerin ...
angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors (ace inhibitors) increase sodium and water excretion
capoten captopril
vasotec enalapril
altace ramipril
lotensin benazepril
accupril quinapril
monopril fosinopril
calcium channel blockers block calcium ions
procardia nifedipine
isoptin verapamil
norvasc amlodipine
adalatcc nifedipine er
alpha adrenergic blockers moderate or severe hypertension
catapres clonidine
antiinfectives kill infection or prevent it from spreading
penicillins eliminate infection
diclox dicloxacillin
pen vee k penicillin v potassium
ampicillin ampicillin
ticar ticarcillin
amoxil amoxicillin
cephalosporins eliminate infection
keflex (most active against gram positive aerobes) cephalexin
cefotan cefotetan
mefoxin cefoxitin
cedax ceftibuten
vantin cefpodoxime
cefdinir cefixime
suprax omnicef
maxipime cefepime
teflaro ceftaroline fosamil
monobactams used to treat severe infections
azactam aztreonam
glycopetide antibiotics treat intestional infections
vancocin vancomycin
aminoglycosides bacterial
garamycin gentamicin
nebcin tobramycin
amikin amikacin
macrolides effective against a wide range of bacteriostatic
e-mycin ery-tab ees eyrped erythromycin
zithromax azithromycin
biaxin clarithromycin
tetracyclines high in concentration bacteriostatic
doxycyl doxycycline
sumycin tetracycline
minocin minocycline
tygacil tigecycline
sulfonamides kill bacteria
bactrim sulfamethoxazole trimethoprim combination
ak sulf sulfacetamide
quinolones fluoroquinolones used to treat uti
cipro ciprofloxacin
levaquin levofloxacin
avelox vigamox moxifloxacin
trovan trovafloxacin
antituberculosis agents effective in treatment with tb
inh isoniazid
rifadin rifampin
myambutol ethambutol
rifater pyrazinamide
antifungals treat fungal infections
nystatin mycostatin
gris-peg griseofulvin
ambisonme amphotericin b
azoles treat yeast and fungal infections
nizoral ketoconazole
diflucan fluconazole
mycelex clotrimazole
anti parkinsons disease increase dopamine levels
l dopa levodopa
tasmar tolcapone
apokyn apomorphine
antivirals treat cold sores shingles chicken pox hepatitis hiv and other viral infections
zovirax acyclovir
famvir famciclovir
azt zidovudine
valtrex valacyclovir
cytovene ganciclovir
corticosteroid produce antiinflammatory activity
solu-cortef hydrocortisone
prednisone prednisone
decadron dexamthasone
gastrointestinal effects gi tract
antacids neutralize stomach acid
gastric mucosal agents form a protective layer of mucosal lining
carafate sucralfate
histamine receptor antagonist compete with histamine for binding sites on gi tract
tagamet cimetidine
zantac ranitidine
pepcid famotidine
proton pump inhibitors interfere with gastric acid secretion
prilosec omeprazole
nexium esomeprazole
protonix pantoprazole
antidiarrheals reduce diarrhea
lomotil diphenoxalate atropine
immodium loperamide
laxatives and stool softeners relieve constipation
metamucil psyllium
dulcolax bisacodyl
senekot senna
miralax polyethylene glycol 3350
mom milk of magnesia
colace docusate
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