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Rad Protection

AART Reg Review

Questionelieved to result fromAnswer
Frequency and energy are ________ related? Directly pg 225
Frequency and energy are _________ related to wavelenght? Inversely pg 225
What are the 2 types of radiation produced? Bremsstrahlung and Characteristic radiation pg 227
The gradual decrease in exposure rate as ionizing radiation passes through tissue is called __________? Attenuation pg 227
What are the 2 most common interaction between x-rays and tissue cells? Compton scatter and Photoelectric effect pg 229
Carcinogenesis, cataractogenesis, and lifespan shortening are characters of ______ _________? Late Effects pg 231
This is believed to result from radiation-induced death to a large group of tissue cells, resulting in serious functional impairment? Deterministic effects pg 232
T of F? young cells, undifferentiated cells, and cells with high reproductive activity are highly radiosensitive? True pg 233
This is defined as the average annual gonadal dose to the population of childbearing age and estimated to be 20 mrem ..... ? Geneticallysignificant dose pg 239
NCRP states that collimators must be accurate within __%? 2% pg 252
NCRP states that the PBL must be accurate within __% of the SID? 3% pg 252
NCRP guidelines state that equipment operating above 70 kVp must have a minumun total filtration of _____ mm Al equivalent. 2.5 mm Al pg 254
NCRP guidelines state that equipment operation between 50 and 70 kVP must have at least ___mm Al equivalent filtration. 1.5 mm Al pg 254
State the 3 situations when gonadal shielding should be used? If the gonads lie within 5cm of collimated beam, if the patient is within reproductive years, and if the exam diagnostic objectives permit pg 255
Name the 3 types of gonadal shields? flat contact, shadow, and contour contact pg 255
Due to the fact that the primary x-ray beam has a ____________ (heterogeneous), the entrance dose or skin dose is dignificantly greater than the exit dose. polyenergetic pg 257
What is the best way to reduce the number of repeats? By having effective communication with the patient pg 260
What is the SID for a fixed fluoro and mobile fluoro tube? 15in for the fixed and 12in for the mobile pg 263
The tabletop intensity from the fluoroscopic beam must be fewer that ___ R/min 10 R/min pg 263
Lead aprons and gloves must be at least ____ Pb equivalent? 0.25 Pb pg 271
What is the SI unit for Rad and for Rem? the SI unit for Rad is Gray(Gy) and the SI unit for Rem is Sivert(Sv) pg 281
Name 4 person radiation monitors? OSL, Thermoluminescent dosimeter, flim badge, and pocket dosimeter pg 283
What is the unit of exposure used to describe the quantity of ionization in air? roentgen (R unit) pg 289
NCRP require occupationally exposed individuals +18yrs do not recieve exposures in excess of __ rem 5 rem pg 288
Monthly fetal dose mut not exceed ____? 0.05 rem or 0.5 mSv pg 289
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