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Ch. 6 Vocabulary

Vocabulary for Social Studies Chapter 6

generation the average time between the birth of parents and the birth or their children
marsh low,wetland where cattails, tall grasses, and other similar plants grow
plantations huge farms where tobacco, cotton and rice were the main crop
swamp a low,wet area where trees and bushes grow
renewable resource a resource that can be used again or made by people or nature
cause something that makes something else happen
effect something that happens because of an earlier action
barrier island low narrow islands that are near the coast
mainland the continent or the part of a continent nearest to an island
strait a narrow channel that connects two bodies of water
common wealth a territory that governs inself (Puerto Rico)
nonrewable resource a resource that can not be made again by nature or people
refinery a factory that turns crude oil into useful products
legend a story that has come down from the past
tropics band of warm climate that circles the earth near the equator
territory a place owned and governed by a country
petroleum oil
crude oil a name given to petroluem pumped from the ground
inlet a narrow strip of water leading into the land from a larger body of water
Created by: Mrs. Wolter