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Pharmacy Proc II

Pharm Proc II YBI Chapter Eight Terms

additive A drug that is added to a parenteral solution.
admixture The resulting solution when a drug is added to a parenteral solution.
ampules Sealed glass containers with an elongated neck that must be snapped off.
anhydrous Without water molecules.
aseptic techniques Methods that maintain the sterile condition of products.
bevel An angled surface at the tip of a needle.
compounded sterile preparation (CSP) A compounded sterile parenteral dosage form that will be parenterally administered.
coring When a needle damages the rubber closure of a parenteral container causing fragments of the closure to fall into the container and contaminate its contents.
depth filter A filter that can filter solutions being drawn into or expelled from a syringe, but not both ways in the same procedure.
equivalent weight A drug's molecular weight divided by its valence; a common measure of electrolyte concentration.
final filter A filter that filters solution immediately before it enters a patient's vein.
Flashball Flexible rubber tubing near the needle adapter on an administration set; used to determine if the needle is properly placed in the veins.
flow rate The rate at which solution is administered to the patient.
gauge A measurement with needles: the higher the gauge, the smaller the lumen.
dialysis Movement of particles in a solution through permeable membranes.
diluent A solvent that dissolves a freeze-dried powder or dilutes a solution.
HEPA filter A high efficiency particulate air filter.
heparin lock An injection device which uses heparin to keep blood from clotting in the device.
horizontal flow hood A laminar flow hood where the air crosses the work area in a horizontal direction.
hub The part of the needle that attaches to the syringe.
hypertonic When a solution has a greater osmolarity than that of blood.
hypotonic When a solution has a lesser osmolarity than that of blood.
ions molecular particles that carry electric charges.
irrigation solution Large volume splash solutions used druing surgical or urologic procedures to bathe and moisten body tissues.
isotonic When a solution has an osmolarity equivalent to that of blood.
laminar flow Continuous movement at a uniform rate in one direction.
lumen The hollow center of a needle.
lyophilized Freeze-dried.
membrane filter A filter that attaches to a syringe and filters solution through a membrane as the solution is expelled from the syringe.
molecular weight The sum of the atomic weights of a molecule.
osmosis The action in which a drug in a higher concentration solution passes through a permeable membrane to a lower concentration solution.
osmotic pressure A characteristic of a solution determined by the number of dissolved particles in it.
peritoneal dialysis solution A solution placed in and emptied from the peritoneal cavity to remove toxic substances.
piggybacks Small volume solutions added to an LVP.
pyrogens Chemicals produced by microorganisms that can cause pyretic reactions in patients.
ready-to-mix A specially designed minibag where a drug is put into the SVP just prior to administration.
shaft The stem of a needle that provides the overall length of the needle.
sharps Needles, jagged glass or metal objects, or any items that might puncture or cut the skin.
total nutrient admixture solution (TNA) A TPN solution that contains intravenous fat emulsion.
total parenteral nutrition solution (TPN) Complex solutins with two base solutions and additional micronutrients.
valence The number of positive or negative charges on an ion.
vertical flow hood A laminar flow hood where the air crosses the work area in a vertical direction.
waters of hydration Water molecules that attach to drug molecules.
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