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JuliusCaesar Written

Artemidorus gives Caesar a letter of warning naming the conspirators
crown Antony offered Caesar one
rome "..not that i loved Caesar less, but that i loved ______ more"
oath Brutus thinks a just cause needs no ________ to bind the doers to their cause
Cato soldier in the army of Brutus and Cassius
conspiracy an agreement to perform together an illegal act
titinius officer; guards tent at Sardis
Varro servant of brutus
messala reports Portia's death. discovers Cassius' body
dreams Calpurnia tries to convince Caesar that her ________ are omens of tradgedy
wufe "Render me worthy of this noble __________"
Flavius tribune who breaks up the crowd waiting to honor Caesar's triumph
butchers "let us be sacrificers, but not ______________ Caius."
Cassius organizes the conspiracy & gets Brutus to join
man "...that nature might stand up/ and says to all the world 'this was a _________"
ligarius vows to follow Brutus
Julius ___________ Caesar
cinna plants the forged letter for cassius
tyranny Liberty! Freedom! _________ is dead!
will Caesar, now be still. I killed bot thee with half so good a ________
Antony devoted follower of caesar; defeats Brutus
Decius reinterprets Calpurnia's dream and convinces caesar to go to senate
March beware the Ides of ______________
Portia wife of brutus
volumnius friend and soldier to Brutus; refuses to hold Brutus' sword
Lucius servant to Brutus
lucilius captured by Antony's soldiers- mistaken for Brutus
Casca first to stab caesar
cicero roman senator to whom casca talks to on the eve of the assassination
might i have a man's mind, but a woman's ______"
clitus servant of Brutus that refused to kill him
Trebonius takes Antony away form the assassination scene so he won't interfere
friends __________, romans, countrymen, lend me your ears
Octavius heir of julius Caesar
Strato hold's Brutus suicide sword
senate Caesar goes to this meeting
Metellus distracts caesar so the conspirators can carry out their plan
funeral antony spoke at caesar's ________
Publius one of many who escort Caesar to the Senate meeting
hungry yond Cassius has a lean and ________ look
sword Caesar, thou are revenged, even with the _________ that killed thee
Calpurnia wife of Caesar
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