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Arkansas OM Unit 2

Arkansas OM Unit 2 - Human Relations

carefully planned steps to follow in case of trouble or danger emergency procedure plan
the study of the effects of the work environment on the health and well-being of employees ergonomics
a system of moral standards or values ethics
intentional deception to cause a person or business to give up property (assets) or some lawful right fraud
usually incomplete and/or false statements about individuals or situations that may be harmful to the company or its employees gossip
space within a person's home that is organized for the efficient performance of office tasks home office
failure to follow orders or instructions; refusal to do what is instructed insubordination
an establishment defined by its ability to accomplish business activities in a temporary environment mobile office
provides research, information, education, and training in the field of occupational safety and health Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
unauthorized copying of a computer program that has been written by someone else piracy
a personal evaluation of one's strengths and weaknesses self-assessment
any unwanted and offensive sexual look, comment, suggestion, or physical contact that causes discomfort in the workplace sexual harassment
good manners, appropriate language, appropriate dress, and general conduct outside of the office environment social behavior
cooperation among members of a group teamwork
a permanent place where the operations of the business, professional person, or organization take place traditional office
the capability to perform work activities away from a traditional office setting virtual office
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