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Resp 2.11 II

840 vent PP

GUI (graphic user interface) top screen of ventilator. (monitor area)
Sandbox bottom part of GUI, area where you set the settings
BDU (breath delivery unit) on/off switch. high pressure gas connections, insp/exp filters, humidifier (lower box where the air is coming out of )
BPS (back up power source) Power to BDU and GUI only, 30 min limit, Switches to BPS automatically when power is interupted
SST (short self test) Perform when changing circuit, changing humidifier type, prior to new pt
What to do for SST select SST and test button (on side) within 5 seconds. CAN NOT RUN WHILE ON PT.
SVO (safety valve open) allows pt to breath room air unassisted by vent ,
Modes on 840 SIMV, A/C, spontaneous, BiLevel
If pt disconnects the flow drops to 5 lpm to avoid spraying fluid collected in circuit
If pt is connect to vent before set up is complete Procedure error!, then vent goes to SVO
When does ventilation begin when pt is attached- until then it will stay in "standby"
What color is Spontaneous breath orange
what color is mandatory breath green
Pt vent check Assess pt, note vent type, tube placement, additional equipment (humidifier, suction, check tube), suction, drain tubing, check cuff pressure, measure weaning parameters, complete check form
A-a gradient [(Pb-47) FiO2 ] - PaCO2 x 1.25 all that minus PaO2
When adjusting PEEP MUST HAVE ORDER , ↓/↑ in increments of 2., check change PIP alarm and low PEEP alarm, assess with ABG, (t
Adjusting PEEP can cause decrease in venous return
Compliance equation Vt / (plateau pressure- PEEP) This shows sign of improvement or deteriation of pt.
When pt is getting worse its a decrease in compliance (stiff)
HIGH PIP alarm will go off if pt coughs, bites tube, fights tube, needs suctioning, air trapping, obstructed tube, lungs stuff...
The Low exhaled volume alarm can go off if exhaled volume measured is less that the set, leak, disconnect, pt is in spontaneous mode and not breathing as deep as when the alarm was set.
Created by: TnJFarrington12