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Resp 2.11

Servo vents PP

Orders for the vent VT,pressure (if in PC), MODE, FiO2, RR,
As a RT what can you change based on your pt. flow, IE ratio, I time
What is the Pt unit where gas mixes, where gas is delivered to pt. (BIG BOX ON BOTTOM OF VENT)
What is the front panal Where you select the settings, (MONITOR)
Where is the power switch on back of the front panal
Where is the deadspace From the Y connector to the pt.
Where is the circuit connected to left side of the ventilator to the pt.
Temp prob is on which circuit inhalation tube
How is the Servo powered electrically and pneumatically
If there is a power failure how long is the battery 3 hours ( 30 min for each battery) ( 6 batteries)
If there is no battery power what happens high priority alarm sounds and the insp/exp valves open up (let pt breath room air)
Cycle methods Used to end inspiration.... Volume, pressure, flow, time
Servo has what kind of check Pre - use
When is the pre use check done Between pts, when circuit change (if using tubing compliance)
What does tubing compliance mean adjusts delivered volume for loss of volume during circuit compression, NOT USED IN INFANTS OR Pressure control or pressure support.
Steps for new pt Admit pt, enter info, select infant or adult, mode, set parameters and alarms
Modes on Servo Volume control, Pressure control, pressure support, and CPAP, PRVC, VS
Pressure regulated volume control (PRVC) pressure cycled breathing, desired VT or VE can be used. (default mode, like A/C)
PRVC varying pressures so machine can deliver volume @ lowest pressure possible... 1st breath is volume controlled test breath using desired VT or VE with pause time then pause pressure is used as the insp (PIP) level for following breaths
Volume support Pt triggered, flow cycled Pressure support increases until targeted volume is reached. After 3 start up breaths, support increases and decreases within 3 cm to deliver targeted volume
Automode Pairs support and control modes to automatically switch between the 2. Volume control(machine) and volume support (pt)... Pressure control and pressure support
Trigger setting turn left to negative number (pressure triggered) turn right to positive number (flow triggered)
Pressure control above PEEP sets peak insp pressure for pressure control ventilation. Max is 120 cm H20 pressure
Pressure support above PEEP sets pressure support level in modes where available
Insp rise time allows slow rise to full flow or pressure at beginning of breath. Adjustable in % of total cycle time or in seconds. Whats comfortable for pt.
Insp cycle off determines how low flow drops before inspiration ends
Trigger timeout max time elapsing before controlled ventilation takes over in automode (really sick pt)
Start breath delivers manually activated breath at set parameters
O2 breaths delivers 100% O2 for 1 min or until button is pushed again (used for suctioning)
Insp hold to find plateau pressure (to get compliance)
Alarm silence silence for 2 min
Created by: TnJFarrington12
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