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chap 6 shoulder gird

shoulder girdle

shoulder girdle connects upper limbs to trunk of body
shoulder girdle consists of clavicle and scapula
what are the 3 articulations in the shoulder girdle shoulder joint, SCJ, ACJ
shoulder joint scapula and head of humerus. articulates w/ glenoid cavity
SCJ sternoclavicular joint, synovial gliding joint between the sternum and clavicle
ACJ acromionclavicular, synovial double gliding joint w/ articulates w/ acromion and clavicle
clavicle long bone
location upper thorax
acromial extremity acromial/lateral/ ACJ
sternal extremity medial/ sternal/ SCJ
body conoid tubercle (conoid ligament)
clavicle function has double curvature for strength
who has a more prominent curvature men or female men
the coracoid attaches to coronoid tubercle via tendon
lymph nodes are found in what the curves
scapula flat bone and undergoes intermembranous ossification
shape triangular
location posterior portion of shoulder girdle, lies against lateral portion of chest. anterior portion is at t7
what are the 3 aspects of the scapula/ costal (anterior) aspect in contact w/ ribs. 1. coracoid - no bony articulation 2. scapula notch = surgeans light house 3. subscapular fossa - subscapularis muscle
scapula/dorsal (posterior) aspects crest of spine- an extension of the acromion suprasinous fossae= suprspinatus (m) infra spinous fossae= infraspinatus (m) acromion process- roughed end of the crest of the spine
scapula/ lateral aspect glenoid cavity (surface) corocoid sits anterior acromion sits posterior
what are the 3 borders of the scapula lateral= axillary medial= vertebral border superior
muscle for lateral border of scapula teres minor
muscle for medial border of scapula anterior serratus
does the superior border have a muscle T or F false, no muscle however the scapular notch is located at the superior border
what are the 3 angles of the scapula superior, inferior (teres major), and lateral
what are the 3 joints of the scapula scapulohumeral(shoulder joint), acrioclavicular, and sternoclavicular
scapulohumeral shoulder joint, @ glenoid cavity and humeral head which is a synovial ball and socket joint
acrioclavicular/ACJ acromion and acromial extremity of clavicle which is a synovial gliding joint
sternoclavicular/ SCJ manubrium and sternal extremity of clavicle which is also a synovial gliding joint
bursae synovial fluid filled sac that reduces friction, relieves pressure and are found between bone and skin, ligaments,muscles or tendons
what is the largest bursae of shoulder subacromial which is just below the acromion
bursitis found @ shoulder joint which is inflammation of the bursae
dislocation totally out of joint
subluxation/ luxation slippage
hills sachs defect impacted fracture seen in proximal humerus
metastases cancer which may appear as less dense areas
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