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vocab review

this is all i could find on the dictionary app on my phone

Decline To cause to slope or incline downward.
Century A period of one hundred years.
Plague An epidemic disease that causes high mortality.
Urbanization Taking on the characteristics of a city.
Literacy A persons knowledge of a certain subject.
Inflation A substantial rise in the general level of prices.
GPD Gross Domestic Product.
Unemployment State of being unempolyed
Monarchy Supreme power held by a single person
Tyranny A state ruled by a tyrannt
Republic A state ruled by a citizen who is voted by the people
Legacy Handed down from the past.
Archaeologist Scientific study of prehistoric type of things
Polytheism Belief there is only one god.
Monotheism Belief there is more than one god.
Life expectancy How long people live on average
Direct democracy Everyone votes on all or most of the issues
Representative government A government where citizens elect a representative to go as their voice to make laws and decisions for the masses
Economic systems capitalism, socialism, market, mixed, planned, traditional, command and barter,
Per capita GDP the increase in the amount of goods and services produced by an economy over time
Social Status place in society is distinguished from other groups by such things as wealth, property, and certain rights
Unemployment Rate the percentage of the total labor force that is unemployed but activity seeking employment is the prophet
Economic opportunity a chance to raise ones economic status. usually thought to include programs to promote health, education, and general warfare
Cultural diffusion the mixing or blending of two or more cultures through trade, conquering, or travel and more
International trade trade that occurs between countries
Greco-roman architecture any architecture that is from the ancient roman and greek periods
Feudal government a government set up with exchange in mind. based on a landowner and tenants
Greek government direct democracy, oligarchy, monarchy, and tyranny
Citizens rights in a democracy, its members are given certain rights and privileges
Inflation rate the growth of cities - jobs, through industrialization and factories attracted people from the farm to the city for better wages
Ancient civilizations contributions theater, drama, acting, comedy, philosophy
Roman roads overland use of armies, officials,civilians, inland, carriage of official communications and trade goods.
Economic growth an increase in the supply of money compared to goods, resulting in higher prices.
Created by: jvaughters15
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