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Week 9 - PEDS 293


What is APA? APA refers to ADAPTED PHYSICAL ACTIVITY. It allows a child with disabilities to participate in the LEAST RESTRICTIVE environment.
What is INCLUSION PHYSICAL ACTIVITY? INCLUSION PHYSICAL ACTIVITY means providing all students with disabilities the opportunity to participate in regular education, with supplementary aides and support services to reach goals of MOTOR SKILL ACQUISITION and PSYCHOSOCIAL WELLBEING.
What are ADAPTATIONS? ADAPTATIONS are a purposeful change to promote the achievement of goals by those whose performance is limited by environmental or personal barriers. Encompasses supports such as ACCOMMODATIONS, MODIFICATIONS, and SUPPLEMENTARY RESOURCES/AIDS.
What are the six tips for inclusion? Celebrate SUCCESS, avoid looking for ISSUES, INVOLVE the participant, provide OPPORTUNITY for the participant to SHINE, use INSTRUCTIONAL SUPPORT, and foster EQUAL RELATIONSHIPS.
How should MODIFICATIONS be used? MODIFICATIONS should only be used when NECESSARY. Use them on an INDIVIDUAL BASIS, and be aware of SOCIAL CRITERIA without jeopardizing the integrity of the experience for everyone. Consult parents and children to find out past experience, and goals.
What are the TASK variables influenced by? These variables are dependent on the educational plan. Make adaptations as relevant as possible.
What are EQUIPMENT variables? Size, weight, colour, surface, texture, sound, shape, and movement.
What are TEMPORAL ENVIRONMENT variables? These include planned/unplanned time, proportion/duration, and time intervals between performance, correction, and reinforcement.
What are PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT variables? Spaces, surfaces, lighting, sound, or equipment.
What are INSTRUCTIONAL variables? Leadership styles, knowledge of results, sensory modality, and level of assistance.
Created by: mattcheung
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