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psych present iv

Since this is my last presentation, I would like to take the time to thank Dr. Murtagh for the creation of this course as it has truly challenged me to learn and grow.
I would also like to thank everyone else for being so forgiving and supportive, thank you for not hurling objects at me in protest of my speeches.
I have chosen the song Sheep by Pink Floyd because I feel that the theme of the song displays conformity, and obedience via the ideology of a Capitalistic society.
This song is one of three on the album titled “Animals”. The album’s construction is purely metaphorical: ‘Dogs’, ‘Pigs’ and ‘Sheep’ represent the different tiers in the capitalist society, each song creates a representation of its respective character.
The pigs are the Capitalist, the ruling class who create and employ the proletariat, the working class.
Dogs are ruthless, cutthroat businessmen, utilizing the free market system to their own and their superiors' advantage; they are the “hounds” of the upper class doing their masters bidding.
The Sheep is the proletariat, the working class. They are easily controlled and manipulated, herded if you will, via the ideology of the capitalist society. The Sheep are exploited for their obedience and coerced submission.
play song until 4:00, then skip to 7:00 and play until 8:10
Created by: 100001036424750