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Gappa-Energy Test 2

another name for heat energy thermal energy
magnet that can be turned on or off by a switch electromagnet
form of potential energy stored in the bonds of molecules that make up food and fossil fuels chemical energy
movement of electric charge from one place to another electric energy
energy that is due to the position of an object, such as a rock at the top of a hill potential energy
energy of motion kinetic energy
energy that is released when an atom is split in two by fission or atoms are smashed together by fusion nuclear energy
What is the result if more coils of wire are added to an electromagnet? stronger magnet
Which directions do the domains of a magnet point? one direction
Which direction to the domains of a non-magnetized object point? all different directions
Which part of the atoms is responsible for creating electricity? electron
Which type of isotopes is commonly used at nuclear power plants to create electricity? uranium
Does nuclear energy create greenhouse gasses? no
Does nuclear energy create dangerous radioactive waste products that must be stored safely? yes
Do fossil fuels create greenhouse gasses? yes
Do fossil fuels create dangerous radioactive waste that must be stored safely? no
When an atom splits during fission, more neutrons are released and lots of _____________ energy is given off. thermal
process in which smaller atoms are smash together into one larger atom fusion
When an object has more thermal energy, does its atoms vibrate faster or slow? faster
south pole of a magnet will repel another south pole
a north pole of a magnet will repel another north pole
a south pole of a magnet will attract another north pole
Are fossil fuels a renewable or nonrenewable resource? nonrenewalbe
How do fossil fuels add to global warming? release carbon dioxide
In order for a generator to create electricity, it must be turned by a turbine
Which can be used to create electricity on earth: fusion or fission? fission
Where does fusion take place? sun
What kind of energy can humans NOT live without? chemical energy of food
Coal, oil and natural gas are all examples of ___________ fuels. fossil
If an object is higher, it has more ______________ energy. potential
According to the Law of Conservation of Energy, energy cannot be __________________________. created or destroyed
According to the Law of Conservation of Energy, energy can only be _______________ from one form of energy to another form. transformed
According to the Law of Conservation of Energy, the amount of energy always stays the ____________. same
A type of chemical energy that people can't live without is ____________. food
This type of nuclear energy occurs on the sun fusion
Which type of nuclear energy do scientists know how to control? fission
Is chemical energy a form or potential or kinetic energy? potential
How long does it take to make more fossil fuels? millions of years
Will a wind turbine work if it isn't windy? no
Will a hydroelectric dam work if there isn't any water? no
Will a solar panel create electricity if the sun isn't shining? no
What type of atom is used in fusion? hydrogen
Why type of atom is used in fission? uranium
Fission and fusion are types of _____ energy nuclear
energy created when the domains of a substance all point in the same direction magnetic energy
Can nuclear energy be used to make electricity? yes
Can all uranium isotopes go through nuclear fission? no
Are all greenhouse gasses bad? no
How can greenhouse gasses good? balanced amounts of them keep our planet warm
motors need a battery, wire coil, and a _____ to spin. magnet
Speakers, headphones, and motors all contain electromagnets
Created by: Cabrini