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Radiation Protection

All electromagnetic radiations have the same ________ but differ in _______ and ___________. Velocity Wavelength Frequency
(More or Less)_______ energetic radiations have shorter wavelength and higher frequency. More
A high-speed electron is deflected from its path and the loss of kinetic energy is emitted in the form of an x-ray phonton; is __________ Radiation. Bremsstrahlung
A high-speed electron ejects a tungsten K-shell electron, leaving a K-shell vacancy. An electron from the L shell fills the vacancy and emits a K-characteristic ray; is ___________ Radiation. Characteristic
A relatively low-energy x-ray photon interacts with tissue and uses all its energy to eject an inner shell electron; is _________ Effect. Photoelectric
A fairly high-energy x-ray photon interacts with tissue and ejects an outer shell electron; is _________ Scatter. Compton
Low LET radiations deposit (more or less) energy in cells/tissues along their path, than high-LET radiations. Less
Usually a result of high dose in short period of time; is (early or late) effects. Early
threshold, non-linear, all early effects, some late effects; is (deterministic or stochastic). Deterministic
no threshold, linear, genetic effects, cancer, most late effects; is (deterministic or stochastic). Stochastic
Diagnostic x-rays have _____ wavelengths and are considered ____ LET radiation. extremly short low
How are wavelength and energy related? Inversely
Collimators must be accurate to within ____% of the SID. 2%
Made of aluminum and used to reduce patient dose by removing low-energy photons is ________? Filtration
<50 kV requires ___mm AL equivalent filtration. .5
50-70 kV requires __mm AL equivalent filtration. 1.5
>70 kV requires __mm AL equivalent filtration. 2.5
AEC (can or cannot)compensate for a speed system. cannot
Function to remove a large % of scattered radiation from the remnant beam before reaching the IR, improving the radiographic contrast; is________? Grid
Using high-speed film and screen combination can (inc. or dec.) patient dose. dec.
Primary radiation barriers must be __feet high. 7
Measure of dose to tissue? Rem (Sv)
Crystals used in an optically luminescent dosimetry system? Aluminum oxide
Unit of measurement used for occupational exposure? Rem (Sv)
Pb thick. 75kV 100kV .25 mm - 66% - 51% .50 mm - 88% - 75% 1.0 mm - 99% - 94% this chart is ________? Attenuation Characteristics of Lead Aprons
Created by: ertempel