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Radiation Protection

What is the relationship between LET and RBE? Q 199 pg 158 As LET increases, RBE increases
The target theory applies to what type of cells? Q 196 pg 157 DNA Molecules
The interaction between x-ray photons and tissue that is responsible for radiographic contrast but that also contributes significantly to patient dose is? Q 190 pg 157 Photoelectric Effect
The genetic dose of radiation borne by each member of the reproductive population is called what? Q 192 pg 157 Genetically Significant Dose
If the exposure rate to a body standing 7ft from a radiation source is 140 mr/h, what will be the dose to that body at a distance of 8ft from the source in 30 minutes? Q 184 pg 156 53.6 mR Use Inverse Square Law 104/x=64/49 x=107 mR/hour - 53.6 mR/ .5 hour
Radiation output from a diagnostic x-ray tube is measured in which of the following units of measurement? Q 187 pg 156 Roentgen or Gy - A
The tabletop exposure rate during fluoroscopy shall not exceed? 10 R/min
What personnel radiation monitor will provide an immediate reading? Pocket Dosimeter
In which type of monitoring device do photons release electrons by their interaction with air? Pocket Dosimeter
The dose of radiation that will cause a noticeable skin reaction is referred to as whatG SED
The NCRP recommends an annual effective OCCUPATIONAL dose-equivalent limit of? 5 Rem
Somatic effects of radiation refer to effects that are manifested when? During the life of the exposed individual
Biologic material irradiated under hypoxic conditions are More or Less Sensitive when irradiated under oxygenated conditions? Less
What kind of interaction between ionizing radiation and the target molecule involve formation of a free radical? Indirect Effect
The term effective dose revers to? Whole-Body Dose
The gonadal dose that, if received by every member of the population, would be expected to produce the same total genetic effect on that population as the actual doses received by each of the individuals is known as? Genetically significant dose
A student radiographer who is under 18 years of age must not receive an annual occupational dose of greater than? 0.1 rem (1mSv)
Lead aprons are worn during fluoroscopy to protect the radiographer from exposure to radiation from? Compton Scatter
What contributes most to patient dose? Photoelectric Effect
What type of personnel monitoring devices used in diagnostic radiography is considered to be the most sensitive and accurate? OSL Dosimeter
How many HVLs are required to reduce the intensity of a beam of monoenergetic photons to less than 15% of its original value? 3
The photoelectric effect is an interaction between and x-ray photon and ....? An Inner-Shell Electron
The most radiosensitive portion of the GI tract is the? Small Bowel
The unit of measurement used to express occupational exposure is what? rem (Sv)
According to the NCRP, the annual occupational dose-equivalent limit to the thyroid, skin, and extremities is what? 50 rem or 500 mSv
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