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E and SE Asia

East and Southeast Asia vocal Scazzero

China's sorrow the Huang He River that floods and kills thousands
Plateau of Tibet A large, arid plateau in Western China
North China Plain Flat area in China, good for farming
Confuscius The founder of Confucianism which is a major religion in China
Mao Zedong The first communist leader in China-led the cultural Revolution and the Great Leap Forward
Deng Xiao-Ping The communist leader who took over after Mao Zedong -created the Four Modernizations and the Special Economic Zones
Theocrat someone who claims to rule by religious or divine authority
Ring of Fire a ring of volcanic mountains surrounding the Pacific Ocean
Terrace Farming a flat, narrow ledge of land, usually constructed in hilly areas to increase the amount of arable land
One Child Policy The policy that every family in China may only have 1 child to help keep the population growth down
Special Economic Zones Zones set up to attract foreign businesses with low tax rates, cheap land, plenty of labor
Hong Kong Formerly a British Colony that became a part of China in 1997
Spheres of Influence European influence on a city or neighborhood without controlling the area
Cultural Revolution Mao Zedong's plan to recreat China in to a completely new socialist society
Great Leap Forward People were forced to work on government farms and factories
Long March The Communist troops march across China to get away from the Nationalists
Nationalists A group of people led by Chiang Kaishek who were pro-American
Communists A group led by Mao Zedong who took over China
Taiwan A small island off the coast of China controlled by the exiled Chinese Nationalists
Three Gorges Dam A large dam on the Yangzi River that controls flooding and creates hydroelectric power
Autonomous Region A political unit with limited self-government
Provisional Government A temporary government
Typhoons tropical cyclones
Buddhism A religion that started in India that focuses on a person's soul
Ideograms A character or symbol that represents an idea or a thing in a written language
Shinto A religion mainly in Japan that worships the forces of nature and their ancestors
Asean Association of Southeast Asian Nations - promotes economic cooperation
Militarism The glorification of a military
Demilitarized Zone A strip of land on which troops or weapons are not allowed
Atolls A ring-shaped coral island surrounding a lagoon
Trust Territories A dependent colony or territory supervised by another country by commission of the United Nations
Archipelago A group or chain of islands
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