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#je$$stack115 term5

#1jess pharm 115 term week 5

adherence closely following the treatment regimen
antiretroviral medication that interferes with the replication of retroviruses
antiviral medication that is able to inhibit viral replication
antiviral resistance ability of a virus to overcome the action of antiviral agents
asymptomatic condition in which there is no outward evidence that an infection is present
CD4 count number of CD4 cells in a sample of blood
CD4 T lymphocyte white blood vessels that fight infection
cold chain set of safe handling practices that ensure vaccines and immunologicals requiring refrigeration are maintained at the required temperature from the time of manufacture until the time of administration to patients
conjugate vaccine links antigens or toxoids to the polysaccharide or sugar molecules that certain bacteria use as a protective device to disguise themselves
cross-resistance development of resistance to one drug in a particular class that results in resistance to the other drugs in that class
drug resistance testing test to determine if an individual's HIV strain is resistant to any anti-HIV medications
highly active antiretroviral therapy combination of three or more antiretroviral medications taken in regimen
host individual infected with a virus
immunosuppressants medications that inhibit proliferation of the cells of the immune system
immunization deliberate artificial exposure to disease to produce acquired immunity
inactivated vaccine killed vaccine that provides less immunity than live vaccines but has fewer risks for vaccine-induced disease
attenuated vaccine living but weakened version of the invader that does not cause disease
perinatal transmission transmission of the HIV from an HIV-infected mother to her baby during pregnancy or delivery or through breast milk
prophylaxis procedure or medication to prevent a disease, rather than to treat an existing disease
toxoid vaccine stimulates the immune system to produce antibodies to a specific toxin that cause illness
vaccine substance that prevents disease by taking advantage of your body's ability to make antibodies and release killer cells to disease
viral load amount of materials from the virus that get released into the blood when the HIV reproduces
virion infectious particles of a virus
virostatic able to suppress viral proliferation
virus intracellular parasite that consists of DNA and RNA core surrounded by a protein coat and sometimes an outer covering of lipoprotein
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