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Negative Charge of an electron
Positive Charge of a proton
What three things must be present to allow for a continuous flow of electricity? *An excess of electrons in one place *a lack of electrons in another place *a path between the two places in another place
Two power or energy sources used in a automobile's electrical system are... Chemical reaction and magnetism
Induction The process of producing electricity through magnetism
Source of chemical reaction The battery - the chemical reaction causes a lack of electrons at the positive terminal and an excess at the negative terminal
What happens when the chemical reaction in a battery becomes weak? Either the battery has run out of electrons or all the protons are matched with an electron
AC generator The heart of a vehicles charging system
Ampere Unit for measuring electrical current
If an atom looses an electron, what is the atoms charge? Positive
Two types of current Direct current (DC), alternating current (AC)
Direct current Electrons flow in one direction
Alternating current Electrons change direction at a fixed rate
What type of current is used in automobiles? Most of the components use direct current
Conventional Theory Current flows from positive to negative
Electron Theory Current flows from negative to positive
Hole-flow Theory Current flows in both directions
The text teaches that current flows from... A point of higher potential (voltage) to a point of lower potential (voltage)
Voltage Electrical pressure-the force developed by the attraction of electrons to protons
Electromotive force EMF-pressure that exists between a positive and negative point within an electrical circuit
Volts Unit used to measure electrical pressure - EMF (Electromotive force)
One volt The amount of pressure required to move 1 ampere of current through a resistance of 1 ohm
Voltmeter Instrument used to measure voltage
Ohm Unit used to measure electrical resistance in a wire
Ohmmeter Instrument used to measure electrical resistance
Conductor Has low resistance to electricity allowing electricity to flow through it
Insulator Has high resistance to electricity prevents electricity from flowing through it.
Why is AC prefered over DC when powering a motor? AC does not have a constant value and produces 29% less heat than DC
What happens to the current in an electrical circuit when the resistance increases? The current decreases
Closed circuit Path that connects the positive and negative terminals of the electrical power source is connected
Open circuit Path that connects the positive and negative terminals of the electrical power source is broken
How is the amount of current flowing in a circuit determined? By the resistance in the circuit
What is learned when one monitors voltage drop? How much energy is being consumed by the load
Watts Unit of measure of electrical power
Closed A circuit that allows electricity to flow, nothing blocks its path
Open A circuit that is incomplete
Grounding the load Using the chasis as a conductor for the negative side of the battery through the battery's ground wire
Ohm's Law It takes 1 volt of electrical pressure to push 1 ampere of electrical current through 1 ohm of resistance
Voltage drop Amount of voltage required to cause current flow through a load
Impedance Actual resistance of a load
If two loads have the same available voltage, which will use the most power? The one with the lowest resistance
Five basic parts of an automotive circuit Power source *conductors *loads *controllers *circuit protection devices
The resistance of a negative temperature coefficient thermistor increases As the temperature increases
Series Circuit One or more resistors connected to a voltage source with only one path of electron flow
Parallel Circuit Two or more different paths for the current to flow through
Characteristics of Series Circuits Circuit's current is constant through the circuit *Voltage drops are different if resistors are different *Sum of voltage drop equals the source voltage *Total resistance is equal to sum of all resistance in the circuit
Characteristics of Parallel Circuit Total circuit resistance lower in leg with the lowest total resistance *Current in each leg different if resistance values different *Sum of current on each leg equals total circuit current *Voltage in each leg drops if no load place on parallel circuit
Solenoid An electromagnetic switch with a movable core
Primary purpose of a conventional vehicles battery Provide a starting burst of power to start the engine
Electricity The flow of electrons from one atom to another
Watt's Law P=IxE.......(Power equals current times voltage)
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