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ch5:HomeCare Pharmac

Ch5 of Manual for Pharmacy technicians textbook

case manager helps determine location of therapy. Case Manager may work for insurance company, the hospital, or the home care company. case manager works to manage cost of medical care for the patient and may be very influential in steering a patient toward homecare
elastomeric balloon system intravenous administration system containing reservoirs that consist of multiple layers of elastomeric(stretchy,elastic-like)membranes within a hard or soft shell.
when elastomeric balloon system device is filled with diluent and a drug the elastomeric material expands like a balloon
when tubing is attached to the device and the patient's catheter the elastic balloon forces the solution through the tubing and into the patient
extravasation leaking of intravenous solutions into areas outside of the vein, resulting in potentially severe tissue damage
intake coordinator the person from the home care company who receives the patient referral. this person is responsible for getting the patient's contact information, diagnosis, requested home care therapy, pertinent medical data, and insurance information
patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) type of pain management in which patient receives parenteral narcotics w/ basal/continuous rate&/or has capabilities to give fixed bolus doses to self using electronic ambulatory infusion pump.PCA pump allows1or both of features to be in use at 1 time
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