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Ch1:Intro Pharmacy

Ch 1 of Manual for Pharmacy technicians textbook

accreditation the process of granting recognition or vouching for compliance with established criteria (usually in reference to recognition of an institution or program).
certification voluntary process by which nongovernmental agency grants recognition to an individual who has met predetermined qualifications specified by the agency. this recognition shows that the certified person has achieved certain lvl of skill,knowledge,experience
health-system pharmacy practice of pharmacy in practice setting thats part of a health-system (2+ practice settings that have working relationship with each other & are owned/managed by same entity) Health-systems provide complete healthcare-related services to their patients.
home health care physician-ordered health care services provided to a patient in the home or other setting in which the patient lives
licensure process by which an agency of the government grants permission to an individual to engage in a given occupation upon finding that the applicant has attained a degree of competency necessary to ensure public health,safety,&wellfare will be protected.
medication therapy management (MTM) (group of)services that optimize therapeutic outcomes for patient. such srvcs include: assessment of health status;formulation of med treatment plan; selection,initiation, modification,administration of med therapy;monitoring response;review of meds; etc
pharmaceutical care direct,responsible provision of med\-related care that achieves outcomes that improve a patients quality of life. Involves cooperation btwn pharmacist,patient,&other healthcare providers in designing,implementing,&monitoring therapeutic med plan
pharmacist health care professional licensed by the state to engage in the practice of pharmacy. Pharmacists have advanced training in the pharmaceutical sciences such as pharmacology, pharmacokinetics,and pharmaceutics
pharmacy technician a pharmacy technician assists pharmacists by performing routine, day-to-day functions of the practice of pharmacy that do not require the judgement of a pharmacist
registration process of making a list or being enrolled in an existing list. A pharmacy technician may be required to be registered with the state board of pharmacy before being legally able to carry out some pharmacy functions.
Pharmacists (On-duty/supervising pharmacist) are ultimately responsible for the technicians' activities and performance and are legally held liable for the technicians' work.
training prerequisites for pharmacy technicians vary state to state and from employer to employer
Most consumers believe that all pharmacy technicians have been trained and fully certified before they are allowed to prepare prescriptions.
Pharmacy tech can become certified by passing national exam that evaluates the technicians knowledge and skills needed to perform the work of pharmacy technicians
typical pharmacy technician duty filling an automated medication dispensing cabinet in nursing home
example of activity technician not allowed to perform changing dose of prescribed med on basis of a patients poor kidney function
pharmacy technicians job duties may include medication preparation, inventory management, and training of other technicians
technicians may not (example activity) advise patients abhoout aspirin
upon passing exam provided by the PTCB, technicians earn a pharmacy technician certificate
Technicians have the most patient contact in ambulatory pharmacy
PBM patient benefit manager
pharmacokinetics study of the process by wich drugs are absorbed, distributed, metabolized, and eliminated in the body
to maintain certification, a pharmacy technician must accumulate 20 continuing education credits
pharmacy technicians must recertify every 2 years
hospice care care that is given to those patients with incurable diseases who are generally not expected to live more than 6 months
example of ambulatory pharmacy retail pharmacy
Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM) oversees prescription medication programs and processes and pays prescription medication insurance claims
tech-check-tech technicians to check work of other technicians
nonsterile compounding extemporaneous
critical skill in ambulatory pharmacy communication
PharmD pharmacist degree
medstation dispensing cabinet
pharmacist postgraduate training residency
pharmacology study of drugs
used in bar-code technology scanner
method of preparing sterile products aseptic technique
IV intravenous
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