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Pharmacology HW test

What does the abbreviation JRCERT mean Joint Review Committee on Education of Radiologic Technology
What does the abbreviation ASRT mean American Society of Radiologic Technology
What does the abbreviation HIPAA mean Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Account
T/F... The American College of Radiology does not include the injection of contrast material and diagnostic levels of radiopharmaceuticals as part of the responsibilities of certified or licensed radiologic technologists False
T/F.... It is common for technologists to administer drugs to patients without a physician present True
T/F...Scope of practice is a sense of guidelines set forth to determine what health care specialists should and should it under certain circumstances True
T/F... In a legal liability case that courts recognize inadequate time and financial resources as legitimate reasons for not being familiar with changes in your speciality False
T/F... The number of technologists performing venipuncture is increasing True
T/F.... A radiographer performing nuclear medicine studies will not necessary be held to the standard of a nuclear medicine technologist rather than to that of a radiographer practicing nuclear medicine False
T/F.... If a health care facility requires an employee to perform procedures beyond that employee's educational expertise, the employee is actually liable for all professional ability True
T/F...Some technologists practices across different lines of specialization, but they must hold credentials in each of specialization False
T/F... All state laws referring to nuclear medicine technologist have statements authorizing these technologists to preform venipuncture False
T/F.... The Joint Review Committee on Educational Programs in Nuclear Medicine Technology does not identify venipuncture as a component of nuclear medicine technologists' scope of practice False
Created by: atesta0824