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A Health 2

5th grade Health Ch.3

Where is bile stored? gallbladder
What are the fingerlike projections in the intestines that absorb food called? villi
Where is food stored before it is digested? stomach
What is the largest organ inside the body? liver
Where is most food digested? small intestine
Name the tube that connects the mouth to the stomach. esophagus
where insulin and pancreatic juice are produced pancreas
another name for the throat pharynx
another name for the windpipe trachea
carries the waste parts of food from the body colon
the digestive juice in the mouth saliva
the tiny flap of cartilage that covers the trachea during swallowing epiglottis
What is the job of the molars? grinding
What is the job of the cuspids? tearing
What is the job of the incisors? cutting
What is the job of the bicuspids? crushing
the breaking down of food into a form the body can use digestion
process that makes food available to your body absorption
the rough parts of some fruits, vegetables, and grains that cannot be digested fiber
bean-shaped organ; reabsorbs water and other useful materials back into the blood and sends filtered wastes to the bladder kidney
the digestive juice in the stomach gastric juice
the digestive juice in the small intestine bile or pancreatic juice
important functions of the liver recycles iron,stores sugar, produces bile, removes waste, stores vitamins and minerals
Good habits for digestion chew your food thoroughly, don't overeat, eat at regular times, eat fiber foods daily, drink at least 6 glasses of liquid,exercise, relax before and after meals
holds liquid waste (urine) which is filtered through the kidneys bladder
How much of the body is made up of water? over 2/3
painful infection of the colon dysentery
gradual deterioration of the liver cirrhosis
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