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Campbell OAA Review

6th grade reading OAA review

What type of figurative language is the expression "my lips are sealed" idiom
What type of figurative language is the expression " the car was like an old man,wheezing and chugging up the hill" simile
Which suffix means "one who": -ant -er -ly -er
Which prefix means "across": trans- inter- super- trans-
Which root word means "study of": -com -psych -ology -ology
The boy was benched because the referee called a flagrant foul when the boy kicked the other team member. What does flagrant mean? accidental intentional intentional
The type of genres based on real facts about people, places, things and events non-fiction
Part of a story plot that introduces the setting and most of the main characters exposition
The series of events in a story plot that lead to the story climax rising action
The end of the story plot where the conflict is resolved and a theme may emrge resolution
Which type of character does not change in a story plot: static or dynamic static
Which type of character is more fully developed by the end of the story plot: flat or round round
Point of View: the narrator is one of the characters in the story 1st person
Point of View: the narrator is not a character in the story but it telling the story from one character's POV 3rd person limited
Point of View: the "all-knowing" POV 3rd person omniscient
A slanted point of view; prejudice toward one point of view bias
Chronological order is: compare and contrast order, idea and example order, time/sequence order time/sequence
Created by: vcampbell