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What three major religions claimed Jerusalem for their holy city? Christians, Muslims, and Jews
Why was it sacred to Christians? It was the place where Jesus was crucified and ascended into Heaven
Why was it sacred to muslims? It was the place where Mohammed ascended into Heven
Why was it sacred to Jews? It was the sight of the ancient temple built by Solomon
When did the arabs enter Jerusalem? 600 a.d.
What where there rules for the Christian and Jews living in the city? The promised to leave them alone as long as they didn't commit crimes and pay taxes.
What new group of arabs came to take Jerusalem? the Seljuk Turks
What did the Seljuk Turks do to bring the first crusade? They prevented passage for Christians and Jews to come into the land.
When was the first crusade? 1095 a.d.
Who was the Pope at the time? Pope Urban II
How did Pope Urban act towards the blockage of Jerusalem? He called for the first Crusade
What was the goal of the first crusade? To retake the Holy land
Why was this a delight for the Knights? They had been trained since they were children to fight, but since Europe was now at peace they got bored. This was a perfect way to please there hunger to fight.
What did Pope Urban II promise to the soldiers volunteering? He told them if they were to go fight all there sins would be forgotten and a free ticket to Heaven.
What was also a benefit for fighting? It was a chance to have an adventure, and maybe even find some cool things you could trade and get rich.
What was the sign for the crusades? A red cross
Where might a crusader have this red cross? The crusader might have the cross on his shield,on there t-shirts and armor, or on banners, flags, bags, ect.
What did this cross remind the crusaders? It reminded them that they were fighting for a holy cause.
How long was it until they took Jerusalem? It took them 2 years
What were the conditions on the trip? It was harsh traveling, roads, hunger, disease, weather, and troubles amongst themselves.
How many years of crusades were there? 200 years
How many crusades where there? 11/8
How many were successful? one, the first
What were all the crusades? Peasants', First, Years after the first, second, third, fourth, child's, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth
Which ones where ment to recapture the Holy Land? 7
What were the other ones for? The child's crusade was suppose do bring goodness and innocence, The fifth one was to make a base in Egypt, The seventh was to recapture that base in Egypt, The eighth was to convert Bay of Tunis to Christianity
when did the first one start/finish? 1096-1099
When did the second one start/finish? 1145-1149
When did the third start/finish? 1189-1192
When did the fourth start/finish? 1202-1204
When did the fifth start/finish? 1217-1221
When did the sixth start/finish? 1228-1228
When did the seventh start/finish? 1248-1254
When did the eighth start/finish? 1270-1291
When did The Years After the First crusade start/finish? 1099-1144
When did the child's crusade start/end 1212-1212
When did the peasants crusade start/finish? 1096-1096
Created by: MARKOMAN9
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