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Jurcik-Technology Ed

6th grade Tech Ed Quiz

Technology makes use of human knowledge to convert resources into goods and services that people need and want.
Transportation the way humans move goods/products and people from one place to another
Examples of Transportation land- car, train water- boat air- airplane
Communication the process of sending any type of message
Two areas of communication oral- speaking graphic- text
3 requirements of effective communication 1. sending a message 2. having it received 3. having it understood
manufacturing the process of making goods/products by hand or machine
2 types of manufacturing 1. handcrafted- method of making one at a time from start to finish. High quality, low quantity. 2. Mass production- production of goods in large quantities by group of workers n factories. Usually on an assembly line. High quantity, low quality.
Energy/Power the way humans create, store, convert and transmit energy
3 types of energy resources 1. renewable 2. non-renewable 3. unlimited resources
Bio-Technology Uses knowledge about living things to meet human needs
2 areas of Bio-technology 1. medical- artificial heart 2. agricultural- genetically engineering food
construction the way humans build structures on site
3 types of construction 1. resdential- build places where people live (homes, apartments) 2. Commercial- methods that are used to build stores, malls, factories, and churches 3. Civil- creates large structures for public use (hospital, schools, roads, bridges)
3 structural pieces of the TOP activity 1. Columns- vertical supports 2. beams- horizontal supports 3. braces- diagonal supports
6 systems of Technology 1. Transportation 2. Communication 3. Manufacturing 4. Energy/Power 5. Bio-Technology 6. Construction
Created by: cjurcik