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Pharmacy Proc II

Pharm Proc II YBI Chap 16 Terms and Abbreviations

BMTU Bone marrow transplant unit
CCU Cardiac care unit or Coronary care unit
ED Emergency department
ER Emergency room
ICU Intensive care unit
CT-ICU Cardiothoracic intensive care unit
NICU Neonatal/neurological intensive care unit
PICU Pediatric intensive care unit
SICU Surgical intensive care unit
OB Obstetrics
PAR Post-anesthesia recovery
OR Operating room
PACU Post-anesthesia care unit
PEDS Pediatrics
M.D. Medical doctor
L.P.N. Licensed practical nurse
R.N. Registered nurse
N.P. Nurse practitioner
D.O. Doctor of Osteopathy
M.S.W. Master of Social Work
P.A. Physician's assistant
R.T. Respiratory therapist
P.C.T. Patient care technician
Pharm.D. Doctor of Pharmacy
What is preparations of large quantities of unit dose oral solutions/suspensions or small volume parenterals for future use? Batching
What is a record of medication that are compounded in the pharmacy for non-specific pateints? Bulk compounding log
What is the main in-patient pharmacy in a hospital that has primary satellites? It is the place where most of the hospital's meds are prepared and stored. Central pharmacy
What is an area disigned for the preparation of sterile products? Clean room
What is a locked cart of medications designed for emergency use only? Code cart
What is a process in which the pharmacy technician goes to specific nursing units to find out what IV drips will be needed later that day? Drip rounds
What is a voluntary/involuntary removal of a drug product by the manufacturer? Drug recall
What is to quickly obtain a medication not currently in stocck in the pharmacy in situations where the drug is urgently needed? Emergency drug procurement
What is a sterile, preservative-free medication administered into a patient's epidural space? Epidural
What is the on-demand preparation of a drug product according to a physician's prescription, formula, or recipe? Extemporaneous compounds
What is a filter that filters solution immedicately before it enters a patient's vein? Final filter
What is a pharmacy located in a hospital or in-patient facility which services only those patient's in the hospital facility and ancillary areas? In-patient pharmacy
What is a small volume parenteral that will be added into or "piggybacked" into a large volume parenteral? Intravenous piggyback
What is a form that tracks the medication administered to a patients in institutional settings? MAR - Medication administration record
What is a pharmacy attached to a hospital servicing patient's who have left the hospital or who are visiting doctors in a hospital outpatient setting? Outpatient pharmacy
What is the amount of drug product that should be kept on the pharmacy shelf? Par
What is a branch of the in-patient pharmacy responsible for preparing, dispensing, and monitoring medication for specific patient areas? Pharmacy satellite
What is a system which shuttles objects through a tube using compressed air as the force? Pneumatic tube
What is an order for medication to be administered only on an as needed basis? PRN order
What is addition of H2O or other diluent to commercially made drug bottles/vials in order to make a solution/suspension from a pre-made powder form of the drug? Reconstitute
What asre medications having limited availability d/t cost, manufacturer problems, or safety concerns? Restricted distribution
What are medications that will expire soon after preparation, usually within 1-6 hours? Short stability
What is a standard medication order for patient's to receive medication at scheduled intervals? Standing order
What is an order for medication to be administered immediately? STAT order
What are complex solutions with two base solutions and additional micronutrients? TPN - Total parenteral nutrition solution
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