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milady chapter 2

life skills

Inner strength and begins with trusting your ability to reach your goals Self-esteem
Tactful Diplomacy
How do you be kind to yourself stop self crlitical or negative thoughts that can work against you
What techniques will save you time by uncovering needed solutions problem-solving
How do you build on your strengths practice doing whatever it is that helps you maintain a positive self image (example cooking,guitar etc)
sense of purpose can be validated in a personal mission statement
being tactful means being straight forward but not critical
what is being straight forward not critical tactful
what are the 3 bad habits that keep you from peak performance procrastination perfectionism and no game plan
what is making a list of tasks that lneed to be done in order of most important to least important prioritize
how do you manage your own life and learning good self management skills
how do you study properly comfortable quiet uninterrupted spot when your most energetic and motivated test yourself on each part
what is understanding empathy and acceptance sensitivity
how do you enhance your creativity do not be self critical self motivate positive vocab
what are the 2 types of goals short term and long term
what thoughts can work against you self critical
total of your inborn characteristics attitudes and behavioral traits is personality
ethical person honest courteous sincere with discretion
goals measured in 5 to 10 years or longer long term goal
what establishes the values the buiness wants to live by mission statement
Created by: tbabygirl019
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