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Drug doses- NS

Tinzaparin 1. Therapeutic 2. Prophylactic 1. 175U/kg SC OD 2. 4500U SC OD
Enoxaparin (Clexane) 1. Therapeutic 2. Prophylactic 3. Renal dose (Cr >150) 1. 150U/kg 2. 40mg SC OD 3. 20mg SC OD
Cyclizine 50mg PO/IM/IV/SC TDS
Metoclopramide 10mg PO/IM/IV TDS
Domperidone 10mg PO TDS (up to max 80mg/d)
Ondansetron 8mg PO/IM/IV BD
Lansoprazole 30mg PO/IV OD
Omeprazole 20mg PO/IV OD (40mg if severe)
Ranitidine 150mg PO BD
Lactulose 10-15ml PO OD/BD
Movicol 1 sachet PO OD/BD
Sodium docusate 50-100mg PO up to TDS
Senna TT PO ON
Phosphate enema T PR ON
Sodium picosulphate 1 sachet (10mg) PO ON
Paracetamol 1. Normal dose 2. Renal dose 3. Low body weight 1. 1g QDS PO/IV 2. 1g TDS PO/IV 3. 500mg QDS PO/IV
Codeine phosphate 30-60mg QDS PO
Tramadol 50-100mg QDS PO
Ibuprofen 200-400mg TDS PO
Morphine sulphate 5-10mg PO IV
Oramorph 5-10mg 2-4hrly PO
Naloxone 0.4mg IV/SC/IM (repeat every 2-3min if necessary)
Trimethoprim 1. Therapeutic 2. Prophylactic 1. 200mg PO BD 2. 100mg PO ON
Nitrofurantoin 50mg PO QDS
Clarithromycin 500mg PO/IV BD
Ciprofloxacin 500mg PO BD or 400mg IVI BD
Benzyl penicillin 1.2g IV/IVI/IM QDS
Flucloxacillin 250-500mg PO/IM QDS or 0.25-2g IV QDS
Amoxicillin 250-500mg PO TDS or 0.5-1g IV TDS/QDS
Co-amoxiclav 625mg PO TDS or 1.2g IV TDS
Meropenem 500mg IV/IVI TDS
Metronidazole 400mg PO TDS or 500mg IV TDS
Cefuroxime 250mg PO BD
Cefotaxime 1g IM/IV/IVI BD
Ceftriaxone 1g IM/IV/IVI OD
Gentamicin 5-7mg/kg (levels 6-14h after first dose, twice weekly once stable, use Hartford Nomogram)
Vancomycin 125mg PO QDS or 1-1.5g IVI over 100min BD
Hyperkalaemia drugs Ca gluconate- 10ml 10% over 3min IV Actrapid 10U in 50ml 50% dextrose over 30min IV Salbutamol 5mg neb
Anaphylaxis drugs Adrenaline 0.5mg (0.5ml 1:1000) IM, repeat after 5min if no better Chlorphenamine 10mg IM/slow IV Hydrocortisone 200mg IM/slow IV IV fluid challenge
ACS acute drugs GTN spray TT SL PRN Aspirin 300mg PO Clopidogrel 300mg PO Bisoprolol 5-10mg PO OD Morphine 5-10mg PO/IV Metoclopromide 10mg IV/IM/SC/PO
ASC treatment/secondary prevention drugs GTN spray TT SL PRN Aspirin 75mg PO OD Clopidogrel 75mg PO OD Bisoprolol 1.25mg PO OD Ramipril 2.5-5mg PO OD Atorvastatin 40mg PO ON
Simvastatin 40mg ON PO
Amlodipine 5mg PO OD
Ramipril 1. HTN 2. HF 1. 1.25-2.5mg PO OD (max 10mg) 2. 1.25mg PO OD
Atenolol 25-50mg PO OD
Bisprolol 1. HTN 2. HF 1. 5-10mg PO OD 2. 1.25mg PO OD (initially, can titrate up)
Frusemide 1. Normal dose 2. Adding to blood transfusion 1. 40mg PO/IM/IV OD (can increase) 2. Add 20mg to each unit if existing LVF, or every 2nd unit if risk
Vit B supplements Thiamine 100mg BD/TDS PO Pabrinex
Chlordiazepoxide reducing dose regime 30mg QDS PO 30mg TDS PO 20mg TDS PO 20mg BD PO 10mg BD PO 10mg OD PO 10mg PRN PO
Maintenance fluids x2 5% dextrose, x1 0.9% NS +20mmol KCl each day
Created by: NorthernSoul



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