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Resp 2.7 III

Basic ventilators Flow patterns PP

The key to selecting a flow pattern is to select the one that will best ventilate the pt, low peak airway pressure, low mean airway pressure, and IE ratio of 1:2 or less
Square wave Utilizes high pressure source (from machine), flow peaks and stays constant, uninfluenced by changes in resistance and compliance. FAST AND HARD
Square wave use use with pts with non-compliant (stiff) lungs and increased resp rates. decreases I time, better air distribution/gas exchange
Caution of square wave could increase peak airway pressure and mean airway pressure. It pushes to quickly Use the lowest possible pressure
Sine wave same pattern breath after breath but flow is not constant. Most like normal breathing
Sine wave use decreases airway resistance by decreasing flow, decreases peak airway pressures,
Caution of sine wave use may result in decrease in mean airway pressure (MAP)
Tapered or decelerating wave Flow rate on inspiration is high then tapers(WANT TO GET AS MUCH IN THEN SLOW IT DOWN TO SLOWLY LET IT OUT)
Tapered sine wave use decreases PAP, increases I time,
Created by: TnJFarrington12