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SALT_Voc. Skills

Final Exam

Living off-campus and driving to class. Commute
These types of schools are funded through endowments, tuition and donations. They are not state-affiliated. Private
The procedure by which students choose classes each semester. Enrollment
Name for the entire group of persons who teach classes for colleges. Faculty
A group of classes that focus on a chosen field of study Major
These types of schools are subsidized by the state. Public
An institution which offers undergraduate and graduate degrees. University
Requires an applicant’s commitment to an offer of acceptance. Early Decision
Amount paid for each credit hour of enrollment. Tuition
This is the average of all grades received by a throughout his/her high school career and is used by colleges to determine enrollment. GPA
This person helps you determine what classes you need to take in order to complete your degree on time. Academic Advisor
Those students who have graduated from a particular institution. Alumni
What is the difference between Academic Probation and Academic Suspension?
What would be an advantage of declaring your college major as “undecided” as an incoming freshman?
How can choosing colleges for which are you are “over-qualified” help you to finance your education?
This type of institution acknowledges no distinction between In-State or Out-of-State student status when determining tuition costs: Private Colleges/Universities
Sitting in a class as a "visitor" without gaining credit hours. Auditing a class
The ___________________ of a college or university’s admission policy is based on the average GPA, class rank and SAT/ACT scores of its students, as well as the percentage of applicants accepted. selectivity
If you are interested in training to help enter a trade, which option might be best for you? Vocational/Technical College
If you make a mistake when writing a check, what word do you write in big letters on the check, before you tear it up and record the mistake in your register? VOID
monthly costs with amounts that do not vary, such as mortgage payment or car payments. Fixed Expenses
Things that add comfort and pleasure to your life and are NOT necessary! Wants
Things that ARE necessary for survival. Needs
Bank document recording all account transactions, within a set time, which is given to the consumer for their own records. Bank Statement
Required action on the part of the payee in order to cash or deposit a check. Endorse
A sum of money added to your bank account is identified as a ___________, or credit, in your checkbook register or bank statement. Deposit
The party that writes the check. Payor
The process of comparing your personal bank account records to the bank's records of the individual's account balance in order to uncover any possible errors. Reconcile
Amount of money that your employer has agreed to pay you each year including your wages and benefits. Salary
A spending plan for managing your money during a given period of time. Budget
Fixed or variable monthly costs that are required of your budget each month. Examples are: Food, housing, clothing, vacations, doctor appointments, etc. Expenses
A sum of money subtracted from the balance in your account is identified as a _________ in your checkbook register or bank statement. Debit
The amount of money paid to you by an employer BEFORE deductions are taken out such as federal and state taxes, social security and health insurance premiums. Gross Income
A booklet that is used to keep a record of all your checking related transactions, including checks written and deposits. Check Register
The party that receives the check. Payee
The amount of money currently in your checking account. Balance
Monthly expenses associated with running your household, such as electricity, gas, water/sewer, cable/phone. Utilities
The amount of money paid to you by an employer AFTER deductions are taken out such as federal and state taxes, social security and health insurance premiums. This is known as your “Take-Home” pay. Net Income
This is a statement on the resume which explains the type of position or career you are trying to achieve. It usually consists of only one or two sentences. Objective
This type of resume typically lists each job you have held in order, beginning with the most recent. Chronological
This item is submitted along with your resume when applying for a job. Cover Letter
Included as part of your salary package, _________________ may include compensation for things like health insurance, life insurance, parking passes, and even gym membership. Benefits
Should be used throughout your resume to describe your responsibilities, experience and accomplishments. Action Verbs
The name of a person willing to vouch for your character, experience and/or skills in relation to a particular job opening. Reference
This is the practice of using the people you know and the people they know to help facilitate your job search. Networking
A resume that has been simplified in a format that can be opened using any computer and submitted by email or over the internet is called a(an) _______________________ resume. Electronic
Another name for the section of your resume which lists your Work History. Experience
The section of a resume includes your name and contact information. Header
When is criticism of former employees, teachers or co-workers acceptable during an interview. NEVER!
What type of resume works best for a high school grad with no paid experience? Functional Resume
Name 3 examples of skills that could be listed on your resume... Type 60 WPM, proficient in Microsoft Office, Fluent in Spanish
The first thing you should do following the day of an interview with a prospective employer... Send a Thank You letter.
List 3 things you should do to prepare for an interview... Drive by the location of the interview, Research the company, prepare questions to ask the interviewer about the company or position.
What is that typically should NOT be included on your resume if not requested? photo
What are some things that should be included on your resume if you have little "paid" experience? skills, talents and volunteer work.
Under what circumstances is it appropriate to discuss salary and benefits during the first interview? Only when you are offered a position during that first interview.
When should you list your GPA on your resume? Only if you have a 3.0 or higher.
What are some things you should bring with you to the interview? Extra copies of your resume, pen and paper to write with, and a copy of your references.
Potential that a return on an investment will lead to a loss in capital resources Risk
Using an invention in a way that has economic value. Innovation
Information gained by the consumer about a business through research, word-of-mouth and/or personal experience. Publicity
An individual who risks resources to bring a new or improved product or service to the market mostly for the purpose of making a profit. Entrepreneur
Someone who develops a new good or service, but does not necessarily bring it to market. Inventor
Someone who embraces or introduces change in a way that can effect an entire industry. Change Agent
One-time only expenses that are paid to establish a new business. Start-up Costs
A document that describes all the necessary steps required for opening and operating a successful business. Business Plan
Someone who allocates capital with the expectation of a financial return. Investor
A consumer need or want that can potentially be met by a new business Business Opportunity
A definition of a business' ideal customer. Target Market
A business that is owned and operated by one person is called a(an)... sole proprietorship
What are the biggest incentives for inventors? To improved existing products, services or ideas and to solve everyday problems.
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