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Final exam Religion!

6th grade final exam religion-the whole book!

Gods chosen people were the _______. Unscramble: sbwrehe Hebrews
We call scriptures of the Hebrew the ___ _________. Unscramble: dol ansettem Old Testament
God reveals himself in _______. Unscramble: ntrociea creation
The Old Testament tells about God's ____ for the Chosen People. Unscramble: vole love
The Old Testament tells how the Hebrews __________ to God's love. Unscramble:dnrdosepe responded
The Old Testament reveals God's plan to ____ all people. Unscramble: vaes save
On the way to Emmaus, Jesus used Hebrew Scriptures to teach about ______. Unscramble: fhmslei himself
Jesus studies and ______ the Hebrew Scriptures. Unscramble: ydpare prayed
the Old Testament helps us understand _____. Unscramble: ssjeu Jesus
Some verses of the Old Testament foreshadow ______ in Jesus' life. Unscramble: nevest events
What is God guiding the thought of Biblical authors and editors? inspiration
What are the sacred writings fro the time before Jesus that tell about God? Old Testament
What are the first five books in the Bible known as? Torah, Pentateuch
What is all that God has taught about hmself and his love for his people? revelation
When was the Bible completed? about A.D. 100
What are the beliefs and practices passed down throughout the ages and made a part of the Church's teaching? Tradition
What are the early Scripture manuscripts found between 1947 and 1956? Dead Sea Scrolls
What is the word that means books? Bible
Who is the person of the Trinity who hwlps us understand the Bible? Holy Spirit
What is the title given to God because he inspired the Bible? primary author
What is the first book of the Bible? Genesis
What did God create everything out of? nothing
What did God create on the first day? Day and night
What do we have in addition to our bodies? Our human life
Who are the stewards of Earth? us
What are two gifts that make us like God? intellect and free will
True or False? God created everything that is good True
Who's son would be the savior of the human race? Mary
Who offered the best of his flock to God? Abel
Who was the good person that saved the worldwide flood? Noah
Who killed his brother, Abel? Cain
Who blamed his sin on his wife? Adam
Who was the first mother of the human race? Eve
Who tried to build a tower to become famous? People of Babel
What is a source of evil? sin
What is one effect of sin? conflict
What is another effect of sin? seperation
Who were Cain and Abel? brothers
What is a sign of God's promise to Noah? rainbow
Who was the creator of the world? God
What was built in Babel to show power and pride? tower
What is God's response to all sinners? mercy
We enter a covenant with God when we are ________. baptised
Abraham was willing to _________ his son to God. sacrifice
What did Jacob trade Esau for his birthright? stew
Where did God renew his promises in Jacob's dream? Jacob's ladder
In a wrestling match, Jacob's ___ was injured. hip
God changed Jacob's name to ______. Israel.
Jacob had ______ sons. 12
The 12 ______ were Jacob's descendants. tribes
Jacob wanted to receive this from his father. birthright
Jacob's favored wife Rachel
The brother whose birthright Jacob stole Esau
Jacob's mother Rebekah
Jacob's father Isaac
Jacob's first wife Leah
Created by: as0806