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On what plateau is the Grand Canyon located? Colorado Plateau
In what state is the Grand Canyon located? Arizona
How many miles long is the Grand Canyon? 217 miles
What river runs through the Grand Canyon? Colorado River
How was the Grand Canyon formed? Wind and water erosion
Name three ways to enjoy the Grand Canyon. White water rafting, hiking, riding mules or horses, camping, climbing
What is an area the gets less that 10 inches of percipitation a year called? Desert
Name the desert in Arizona that is named for it's colorful rocks? Painted Desert
Name the desert in Texas that is covered in scrub brush and grass? Big Bend National Park
Name the desert in Arizona that has giant cactus trees? Sonoran Desert
Wat is the name for giant cactus trees? Saguaros
What is called when plant or animal slowly change over many years to survive in their enviorment? Adaptation
What was the land that stretched from North Dakota to Texas called in the 1930's? Dust Bowl
What type of storms did the people of the Great plains experience in the 1930's? Dust storms
What is an underground water supply called? Aquifer
What is the fossil fuel that was discovered in the Southwest? Petroleum
In what town was the oil well of Spindletop located? Beaumont, Texas
In what town is the Glenn Pool located? Tulsa, Oklahoma
What is a name for a oil well that shoots oil out of the ground? Gusher
What is petroleum that bubbles from the ground called? Crude Oil
What is the factory where oil is separated for use called? Refinery
Where is our country's top oil-refining center? Houston, Texas
What are three parts of crude oil when it is separated? Light, Medium and Heavy Fractions
What are chemicals made from petroleum called? Petrochemicals
What is the nickname for petroleum? Black Gold
When oil was found, cities grew very quickly. These are known as what? Boom Towns
Created by: jill.wehlander