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DZ GEO Unit 10

Lifeline of Pakistan Indus River
Afghanistan's "melting pot" culture Due to all the hostile takeovers by foreign nations
3 powerful rivers that make up delta in Bangladesh Ganges, Brahmaputra, Meghna
highest mountain peak in world Mt. Everest (29,035 feet)
England both helped and hurt this nation when they controlled it India
Hindu nation created out of India Pakistan
Taliban controlled government until 2001 U.S. invastion Afghanistan
Promoted tourism which has led to financial and cultural growth Nepal
nation created out of Pakistan Bangladesh
tsunami devastated nation in 2004 Sri Lanka
has not promoted tourism and has not grown as a nation Bhutan
does unclean jobs in India such as tanning hides and street cleaning Untouchables
teachers and priests; top caste in India Brahmans
warrior caste in India Kshatriyas
farmers and merchants caste in India Vaisyas
craftworkers and laborers caste in India Sudras
opposing an enemy by any means other than violence non-violent resistance
refusal to do things in order to achieve a larger goal boycott
belief that human and animal souls are born, die, and reborn reincarnation
social hierarchy in which people are born into particular group with distinct rank in society caste system
brightly colored cloth that is draped over body like a dress sari
common in India; family lives with husband's parents after marriage joint family system
biggest health concern in India unhealthy water
electricity produced by movement of water hydroelectric power
terrorist group that controlled Afghanistan Taliban
lack of food or an unbalanced diet malnutrition
"tear drop" of India Sri Lanka
process of stripping land of its trees deforestation
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