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Resp 2.6

Airway management review

Which airway is preferred during emergency? oral
Why is the trach preferred? stability, long term (7-10 days)
On xray where will trach fall 4-6 cm of carina
What is trachea granoma excessive tissue (lot of rubbing)
How do you diagnose a TE fistula abdominal distention, aspiration. (it's stomach content comes up into the trachea
What is a obturator a rounded tip applicator to put the trach in so it won't scratch the tissue
How do trach pt's communicate board, hands, passy muir (deflate cuff), other speaking tubes
What do you do with a PITT speaking tube you can leave cuff inflated
Advantages of trach vs oral oral care, easier for pt, more efficient suctioning, decrease airway resistance
What are complications for trachs infection, pneumothorax, bleeding, granumola, hemorrhage,
What do want with pressure and volume low pressure, high volume
Advantage of lanz tube only infate to 30 cmH20 that way it won't over inflate, one way valve
If you needed to increase pressure what can you use MLT or MOV
What is the bovina cuff foam cuff, inflates only by atmospheric pressure
What is jackson long term, metal tube
What is fenestrate allows weaning from trach tube and speech
INflate or deflate cuff when bagging deflate
Cuffonometer 25 then increases
What do when weaning remove inner cannula, deflate cuff, and insert a red plug.
Created by: TnJFarrington12