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RADT 456

Radiation Protection

What is Bremmsstrahlung Radiation pp. 227 It occurs when a high-speed electron is attracted to the positive charge nucleus (tungsten atom). The attraction pulls the nucleus off course and redirects. This results in the loss of energy.
What is linear dose response pp.230 the relationship in which the response is directly related to the does received.
What is a nonlinear dose relationship pp.230 effects not proportional to dose
Threshold pp.230 The dose below which no harmful effects are likely to occur or the dose at which response first begin.
What are some deterministic risks pp. 232 Characterized by nonlinear dose response associated with a threshold dose below which no effect is observed
Examples of deterministic or nonstochastic effects pp.232 skin injury, hypothyroidism, cataract formation, hair loss, temporary infertility and sterility.
Examples of probabilistic or stochastic effects pp. heritable genetic effects, radiation induced cancer.
What are stochastic risks pp. 232 no threshold or no safe dose
Rad stands for what pp. 282 Radiation Absorbed Dose, The amount of radiation that is deposited in that matter
What is the SI unit for RAD? pp. 282 Gray or Gy
REM stands for what? pp. 282 Radiation Equivalent Man, information collected from the rad but also uses the quality factor to predict biological effects from different types of radiation.
What is the SI Unit for REM? pp. 282 Sv or Sievert
What is a Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) Badge pp. 283 Dosimeter that contains aluminum oxide. The aluminum oxide absorbs and stores the energy associated with the radiation exposure.
What is Linear Energy Transfer (LET) pp. 234 Expresses the ability of radiation to do damage. Diagnostic x-rays are considered low LET radiation.
What is Direct Effect pp.234 Effect occurs when the ionizing particle interacts directly with the key molecule (DNA) or another critical enzyme or protein
What is Indirect Effect pp. 234 Occurs when ionization takes place away from the DNA molecule,in cellular water.
What is the 10 day rule pp. 237 A rule that identifies the first 10 days following the onset of the menses as the safesttime to schedule elective procedures of the abdomen/pelvis
Acute Radiation Syndrome is what? pp. 241 Radiation sickness, an acute condition caused by a large external penetrating exposure of ionizing radiation
Hematopoetic Syndrome pp. 241 Bone marrow syndrome that can cause nausea, vomitting, diarrhea, decreased blood count, infection, and hemorrhage
What is the effective dose limit for occupational exposure? pp. 269 5 rem or 50 mSv
What is the effective dose limit for embryo-fetus monthly exposure .05 rem or .5 mSv
Protective lead aprons must have a minimum lead equivalent of what? pp. 271 0.25 mm Pb/eq
The NCRP guideline for an x-ray exposure switch is what type of switch? pp. 270 Deadman Switch
What are the three cardinal rules in radiation protection? pp. 271 time, distance, shielding
What is an example of a primary barrier pp. 272 lead walls of the radiology room
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