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Course 4 Unit 2

vocab words

perspective point of view
futilely uselessly, hopelessly
inevitably certain to happen
apex highest point
potential the ability to grow/develop
saunter to walk slowly/easily
panorama a complete view from every direction
reverently in a way that shows honor/love
lanky tall and thin
cower to shrink back in fear
acrid bitter/sour smell or taste
indestructible cannot be destroyed
skeptically doubtfully--not convinced
ventured dared or risked to do something or go somewhere
consciousness the state of being aware/awake
invalid a sick or disabled person
discourage to persuade NOT to do something
careen to sway or swerve out of control
loll to act or move in a lazy way
precariously dangerously close to falling
mercy forgiveness or compassion
spite a mean feeling toward someone
disregarding to rudely ignore
conscious aware or awake
anniversary the yearly date of an event
vigorous energetically, strong, active
sympathetic expressing sorrow or pity
twilight after sunset but before dark
Created by: brendaodgers