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Basic phonics terms for reading intervention

Phoneme The smallest sound unit of language that distinguishes one word from another
Digraph Two letters that stand for a single phoneme (die to each other)
Syllable Unit of pronunciation that consists of a vowel alone or a vowel with one or more consonants
Phonogram A letter sequence comprised of a vowel graphemes and an ending constant grapheme. Using these we generate word families
Phonics Basic phonetics is used to teach beginning reading.
Consonant Sund makes by closing or striding the breath channel
Consonant blend Sounds in a syllable represented by two or more letters that are blended together without loosing their own identities (bl in blue, gr in gray, br in brown)
Vowel Sound made without closing or restricting the breath channel
Dipthong Single vowel sound made up from gliding from one vowel sound to another (oi, ou)
R-controlled vowel When a vowel is followed by the letter, r it affects the vowel sound so that the vowel is neither long or short
Schwa sound An unstressed sound commonly occurring in unstressed syllables, - sounds like uh (about, occur, circus,npencil)
Grapheme Letter or combination of letters that represent a phoneme. Here are three of these representing the phoneme "f" f in fine, gh in cough, and ph in elephant
Onset The consonant sound that comes before the vowel sound. In the word mat, this is the m, and the rhyme is -at
Rime The part of the syllable that includes the vowel sound and any consonant that comes right after it. In the word mat the at is the this. The m is the onset.
Closed syllable A syllable that ends with a consonant sound (phoneme) example: come, run, love
Open syllable Any syllable that ends with vowel sound (phoneme) example: see, e, may, a, auto- o
Breve The orthographic symbol ~ placed over A vowel letter to show it is prononunced ad a short sound
Circumflex The orthographIc symbol ^ placed over vowel grapheme to indicate pronunciation
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