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Course 1 Unit 1

Short Story Vocabulary

subtle not easily sensed (seen or smelled)
lacerations cuts or scrapes
pun a joke where one word has two definitions
swaggers walks or behaves in a proud, bold or rude way
immense huge
stragglers those who lag behind
fate a power that determines the future
claims pieces of land the miner's worked
injustice unfairness
suspense anxious or unsure about the outcome
pursuers those who chase
comrades fellow members of a group
pantomime communicating with gestures only--no words
debut first public appearance
coordinator onexpressione who organizes an event
confident sure of oneself
commotion noisy confusion
maneuvered moved in a skillful or planned way
jargon terms used in a specific field or situation
hesitated paused for a moment
defeated beaten or disappointed
restrained held back
impulse an urge to act
transformed changed in form, appearance, or use
expression a look on a face that shows emotion
Created by: brendaodgers
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