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BSG - MOI SGM Abiang

Army Ldr/Counseling, D&C, Support Activities, Programs

**What FM covers counseling?** FM 6-22 Appendix B
What are the three approaches to counseling? Directive Non-directive Combined
Explain the advantages and disadvantages of DIRECTIVE counseling. ADV: Quickest method, Good for people who need clear, concise direction, Allows counselor to actively use their experience DIS: Doesn't encourage subordinates participation, Discourages subordinates from talking freely
Advantages and disadvantages of NON-DIRECTIVE counseling. ADV: Encourages maturity, Encourages open communication, Develops personal responsibility DIS: Time consuming, greatest counselor skill
Explain the advantages and disadvantages of COMBINED counseling ADV: Moderately quick, encourages maturity/open communication, counselors use experience DIS: To time consuming for some situations
Three major CATAGORIES of developmental counseling Event Performance Professional growth
How many human needs are there? 4 Physical Social Security Higher (Religious)
What is tact? A keen sense of what to do or say in order to maintain good relations with others and to avoid offense
What is communication? Communications is the FLOW OF EXCHANGE OF INFORMATION and ideas from one person to another
Faulty communications causes most problems? T/F True
**What DA form is used for counseling?** DA Form 4856
Is performance counseling limited to a bad performance? No. Counseling may also be for good performance
**what FM covers the duties, responsibilities and authorities of a NCO?** FM 7-22.7
What are the two most important responsibilities of a leader? Mission accomplishment and the welfare of the soldiers
**Where would a soldier find a non commissioned officers role in reference to the chain of command? AR _____ ** AR 600-20
What is a NCO's principal duty and responsibility? Training
What are the three marching steps used in drill? 15" step 30" step 30" step, DOUBLE TIME 180 steps per min
**What FM covers Drill and Ceremony?** FM 3-21.5
What are two prescribed formations for platoons? Line Column
What are the 4 rest positions that can be given at the halt? Parade rest Stand at ease At ease Rest
What foot is your leading foot? Your LEFT foot
What is the only command given from "Inspection Arms"? "Ready, Port, Arms"
What is a file? A column, which has ONE front element
If you were marching a squad, when would you give the command "squad halt"? When either foot strikes the ground
After weapons have been issued to a unit and all other soldiers have fallen in with their weapons, what is the next command you should give? Inspection arms
How many steps per minute is quick time? 120 steps per min
What command is given to reverse the direction of a march? Rear March
From what position are all stationary movements given? Attention
On what foot would you give the command "mark time march"? On either foot
How do you measure a "step"? Heel to heel
What are the two parts of most drill command? Preparatory command Command of execution
What position is the unit guidon once a preparatory command is given? The raised vertical position
What are some examples of a combined command? At ease Fall in Rest
What command is give to revoke a preparatory command? As you were
Who is responsible for training and appearance of the color guard? CSM
What are the three methods used to teach Drill? Step by step By the numbers Talk-through method
How many steps should separate platoons when a company is formed? 5 steps
What is the only command that can be given from Inspection Arms, when performing drill with the M16? Ready, port arms
What is the "Blue Book"? Manual used by BARON VON STEUBEN to trained the colonial army. First Army Field Manual
Can a command be changed after the command of execution has been given? No
How far in front of the Honor Company of color company do the colors halt? 10 steps
What does ASAP stand for? Army Substance Abuse Program
What is the mission of ASAP? Strengthen the overall fitness and effectiveness of the Army's total workforce and enhance the combat readiness of its Soldiers.
What is meant by deglamorization of alcohol? Personnel will not promote any function glamaroizing the use of alcohol through DRINKING CONTESTS, GAMES, INITIATIONS, or AWARDING of alcoholic beverages as PRIZES in contests.
**What army Reg covers ASAP?** AR 600-85
What will happen to Soldiers who fail to participate in or fail to respond successfully to rehabilitation? Soldier will be processed for administrative separation.
All ASAP referrals are accomplished by the Commander or 1SG using what DA form? DA 8003 Referral Form
Can soldiers that are enrolled in an ASAP REHAB program reenlist? Soldiers are not allowed to reenlist.
Will soldiers who are command referred to ASAP be flagged? Yes
What does ACS stand for? Army Community Service
What does the ACS symbol represent? Heart - giving Cross - help Gyroscope - stability
**What Army regulation covers ACS?** AR 608-1
How is ACS staffed for the most part? By volunteers
What is the motto of ACS? Self-help, service and stability
What can you do to help out ACS? Donate goods and volunteer time.
What does TABE stand for? Test of Adult Basic Education
How much of your tuition does the tuition assistance grand pay? 100%
Name some federal financial aid programs available to soldiers through ACES Pell Grant Perkins Loans Guaranteed Student Loans
What does DANTES stand for? Defense Activity for Non Traditional Education Support
What does SOC stand for? Servicemembers Opportunity College
What does SOCAD stand for? Service members Opportunity College Army Degrees
Aer closely coordinates with what other organization? American Red Cross
What does AER stand for? Army Emergency Relief
**What is the Army Regulation that covers AER?** AR 930-4
What is the purpose of AER? Provides emergency financial assistance to soldiers and their families in time of distress
What is the dollar limit on AER loans? There is no dollar limit
What is the AER Motto? Helping the Army take care of its own
How is the AER funded? Through Voluntary Contributions
What does EO stand for? Equal Opportunity
What is an EOR? Equal Opportunity Representative
What rank should an EOR normally be? SGT (P) through 1LT
**What army Regulation covers the EO program?** AR 600-20 ch 6
Soldiers are required to have how many periods of EO training per year? 4 (1 each quarter)
who is the primary source for solving EO complaints? Your unit chain of command
What does AFAP stand for? Army Family Action Plan
How is the ARC staffed for the most part? By volunteers
What is the major service that Red Cross offers? Communication between soldiers and their families for problem solving and emergencies.
**What Army Regulation covers Red Cross?** AR 930-5
Should there be a sponsor program for a soldier departing a unit? Yes
**What Army Regulation covers the Total Army Sponsorship Program?** AR 385-10
**What DA Form is used to transmit sponsorship requirements to gaining commands?** DA Form 5434
How soon after the DA Form 5434 is received should a sponsor be assigned? 10 days
What are the general rules for appointing a sponsor? Same sex, equal or higher rank, familiar with the unit or community.
What are the six elements of the sponsorship program? DA Form 5434 Welcome letter ACS Relocation Readiness Services Reception Orientation Inprocessing
what does NCODP stand for? NonCommisioned Officer Development Program
NCODP is typically managed by whom? The CSM or Senior NCO in the organization
Created by: james_w85
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