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Desktop Publishing

Post Test - Desktop Publishing

Desktop PublishingAnswer
Scanners and digital cameras generate _____ images from thousands of tiny dots of color or tone that together represent a shape, an object, a person, or a landscape. pixel-based
Who is credited with the invention of the movable-type printing press? Johannes Gutenberg
_____software enables you to combine type, drawings, and images into a layout or design to create printed documents. page layout
Sans serif fonts are without_____ on the typeface strokes. serifs
_______ reduces or increases the character and word spacing of text to improve readability. tracking
The _____, located along the top and left edges of the microsoft publisher window, helps measure and position text and graphics. horizontal and vertical rulers
The _____ is a window that contains a collection of electronic tools used to create a publication with Publisher. toolbox
______ helps tie separate parts of a design together. repetition
What is not an advantage of using desktop publishing over traditional publishing? more personnel involved
______ color printing is created by combining different percentages of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (CMYK). process
White Space page space that does not have any text or graphics
Publishing Using a personal computer and a software program to produce high-quality printed documents that combine text and graphics
PDF Portable Document Format An electronic file format for cross-platform exchange between computers and for posting documents that can be dwonloaded or printed from the Web
elements the separate objects on a page such as a line of
Created by: SCullum