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PTCB Prep Review

Federal Food and Drug Act-1906 Prohibited interstate commerce in adulterated or mis-branded food, drinks, and drugs
FDA-1911 Required manufacturers and distributors to provide scientific evidence for the claims they made on their products.
FDA Cosmetic Act-1938 Clarification on what constitutes mis-branding and altering.
Durham-Humphreys-1951 Prescription drugs or legends drugs are not to be dispensed without a prescribtion
Kefauver-Harris-1962 Proof of effectiveness as well as safety was required before a new drug went to market.
Drug Abuse Control Amendment-1965 Expands Harrison to include barbiturates and stimulants
Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs-1968 Combines Harrison and DCA, forms DEA in 1973.
Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention Act-1970 Tracks transactions between manufacturers and suppliers practitioners and consumers ( DEA #)
Poison Prevention Act-1970 Requires locking caps on all prescriptions
OBRA-1990 Requires patient counseling on drugs
JCAHO-Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Conducts voluntary certification inspection
OSHA Occupational and safety act-workplace safety
HIPPA-Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Patient Confidentiality
Absorption Movement of a drug from dosage formulation to the blood
Active Transport Movement of drug molecules across membranes by active means
Additive effects The increase in effect when two drugs of similar actions are taken
Admixture The resulting solution when a drug is added to a parental solution
Agonist Drugs that activate receptors to accelerate or slow normal cell function
Anhydrous Without water molecules
Bioavailability The relative amount of an administered dose that reaches general circulation and the rate that this occurs
Bioequivalence The comparison of bioavailibility between two dosage form
Duration of action The time the drug concentration is above the minimum effective concentration
Enterophetic cycling The transfer of drugs and their metabolites from the liver to the bile in the gallbladder and then into the intestine, and then back into circulation
Hypertonic A solution that has a greater osmolarity than blood
Orange Book The common name for the FDA's Approved Drug Products
Teratogenicity The ability of a substance to cause abnormal fetal development.
Alimentary tract The organs from the mouth to the anus. GI Tract.
Atagonist A drug that bids with receptors but does not activate them
Aqueous Water based
Extemporaneous compounding The on demand preparation of a drug product
Isotonic A solution which has the same osmolarity as blood
Milliquivalent A unit of measure for electrolytes in solution
Passive Diffusion The movement of drugs from an area of higher concentration to lower concentration
Pharmaceutical alternative Drug products that contain the same active ingredients, but not necessarily in the same amount or same dosage form
Pharmaceutical equivalent Drug products that contain identical amounts of the same active ingredients in the same dosage form
Therapeutic equivalent Pharmaceutical equivalents that produce the same effects in patients
The pharmacist has asked you to obtain a MedWatch Form 3500 so s/he can report an adverse event regarding a vaccine
Medications for ophthalmic administration are usually available in sterile isotonic drops or ointment
A Class_________drug recall is the most serious I
IV's prepared containing cytotoxic drugs are prepared in a(n) biological safety cabinet
Nolvadex or _________ is an anti-estrogen type medication that is often used in the treatment tamoxifen
After mixing Benzamycin gel how should it be stored in the refrigerator
When using a Class A prescription balance, the least weighable quantity is the same as the sensitivity requirement
The form number for ordering Schedule II drugs is DEA form 222
The smallest gelatin capsule used for extemporaneous compounding is size 5
Coring can occur when the needle is not correctly inserted into the vial
Furesomide or Lasix is used as an anti-inflammatory agent
Federal law requires pharmacies to have available for inspection Copy 3 of the DEA form 222 for a period of _________ years 2
Federal law requires an exact inventory must be kept for morphine sulfate
The Material Safety Data Sheets provide information concerning hazardous substances
What does DAW mean on a written prescription The brand name is to be dispensed as written
The last set of digits of the NDC are indicative of package size
The approximate size container for the dispensing of 180 ml of liquid medication would be 6 ounces
Investigational drugs are handled by FDA
Which of the following books is used for FDAs list of approved drugs products Orange book
Propranolol is the same as Inderal
Thiazide diuretics manage the retention of water
Which form of Insulin is a clear solution? Humulin R
The appearance of crystals in mannitol injection would indicate that the product was exposed to cold
OSHA requires pharmacies to have MSDS for each hazardous chemical used in the pharmacy
Used for cough antitussives
Tobrex opthalmic ung refers to an ointment used for the eye
What is sertraline anti-depressant
All aseptic manipulations in the laminar hood should be performed at least six inches within the hood
Which auxiliary label would be used for a prescription for tetracycline 250 mg capsules avoid dairy products and antacids
The Roman Numeral XLII is equivalent to 42
The laminar flow hood should be left operating continuously. If it is turned off, it should not be used until i has been running for at least thirty minutes
In which controlled substance schedule is Tylenol No 2 classified Schedule IV
The first line of defense against infection/contamination of an IV product is handwashing
HIPAA requires privacy rules are observed for PHI
The two parts of the syringe that should not be touched the tip and needle
The sale of what medications is restricted by the Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act Claritin-24
The first 5 digits of the NDC manufacturer
The Orange Book provides information about generic equivalents
Nitroglycerin in provided in a sub lingual tablet meaning tablet should be dissolved under the tongue
Zantac, Tagamet, and Pepcid are H@ blockers which are now available over the counter. What are they used for? To inhibit stomach acid secretion
A hospital born infection is also know as nosocomial infection
Alprozaloam is benzodiazepine
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